Amiri & Rahiem Taylor Covered The Beatles '8 Days A Week' & You Need To Hear It

Well, it appears that Amiri & Rahiem Taylor can add “sounds exactly like the Beatles” to their resume.
Amiri and Rahiem are two members of the band Blac Rabbit, a Rockaway Beach-based psychedelic rock band in the same style as Tame Impala and MGMT. Born and raised in Brooklyn, the brothers grew up surrounded by pop, funk and soul music and developed a knack for playing songs in that style. As they entered high school, they endeavored to teach themselves how to play guitar and learned from, who else, the Beatles. They watched old videos of the band and listened to their tracks and gradually began to hone their voice and own unique style. Following high school, they formed Blac Rabbit and, while developing their own music, started playing Beatles’ songs on the NYC subway to earn some pocket cash. People responded well to these street performances and they began to earn a following on social media.
Seriously though, if you do one thing today, watch this video of the Taylor brothers covering the Beatles’ classic “8 Days a Week” and then listen to the original and see if you can tell the difference. The Taylors’ voices sound incredibly similar to John Lennon and Paul McCartney that it is pretty hard to tell which is which.
Originally posted by New York Nico, the “unofficial talent scout of New York City,” you can check out the video of the brothers singing the song below:

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