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Michelle Obama

May 1, 2017

Michelle Obama Is Making Ridiculous Bank As Public Speaker

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is commanding a staggering $200,000 per speaking engagement, Mike Allen reported for Axios. That number...

Feb 28, 2017

There’s A MASSIVE Bidding War For Barack And Michelle Obama’s Book Deal

Earlier this month, we did a post on the massive amount of money Barack and Michelle Obama are going to...

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Feb 20, 2017

Barack & Michelle Obama Are Going To Make BANK Now That They’re Out Of The White House

It’s no secret that the presidential salary won’t elevate the First Family into the top 1%. Perhaps that’s why the...

Jan 19, 2017

Michelle Obama: Best Quotes & Famous Sayings

On Friday, January 20 2017, not only will we have a new President of the United States, we will also...

Oct 19, 2016

I Think We Can All Agree The First Lady Looked Fine AF Last Night

Find me the person who says they wouldn’t smash Michelle Obama, and I’ll show you either a liar, an idiot,...

Sep 10, 2016

WATCH: Michelle Obama & Seth Meyers Give College Freshmen Advice [VIDEO]

Late Night had a rare Friday show that wasn't a repeat — and it had to be a Very Special Episode...

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Nov 10, 2012

Michelle Obama: Woman Who Won The Week [PHOTOS]

We really have done our best to stay out of the political race, but it’s hard to argue with cold,...

Ellen’s Star, Michelle’s Speech, and Toothbrushes: Harmon and David Talk Crap [SPREECAST]

Ellen DeGeneres got a star on the Hollywood Boulevard. Michelle Obama gave a speech at the Democratic Convention. Astronauts used...

Sep 5, 2012

The First Olympic Nip Slip and the Best TwitPics of Day 2 London 2012 [62 PHOTOS]

The ‘XXX’ Olympiad lived up to it’s name this weekend with an Olympic-sized nip slip during the Judo competition in...

Jul 29, 2012

The Most Influential Ladies On The Planet

There are a slew of influences out there in this wet 'n' wild world. Ya got drugs, alcohol, TV, movies, music - just about everything and anything can make an impression on you. We write a lot about those influences and, for me at least, women seem to be the most influential. I'd say 95% of what I do on a daily basis is based on what women want and like. But, which women are the most influential? We're talkin' no questions asked, they yell jump and you say how high. For better or worse, they've got that captivating and/or motivating mojo. Who are they? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT

Nov 4, 2011

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May 12, 2011

Will Ferrell & 31 Other Celebrity Prom Photos

It's prom season, y'all. You know what that means - horrible bronzing, butchered hair cuts, super fake eyelashes, ghetto fabulous dresses, and those boss tuxedos from Dumb & Dumber. If you've ever hung out with a girl you know about Us magazine and their feature called, "Celebs - just like us!", which drives regular Joes like us f***ing insane. Why chicks like seeing pics of celebs doing normal every day sh*t is beyond me. Anyway, turns out celebrities ALSO WENT TO PROM JUST LIKE US!!!! OMG!!! WTF!1!1!1!1 Some of these pics are pretty hilarious. So, I guess now we can finally put those rumors of celebrities being genetically engineered super robot aliens to rest. See the gallery after the jump!

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Nov 16, 2010

Top 10 American Law Schools 2010

If you want to be a super lawyer, going to a Top 10 school is your ticket to ultimate big-firm...

Oct 3, 2010

Hot Girl Hula Hoop [10 Videos]

On Wednesday, Michelle Obama showed off her hula hooping skills during a 'Healthy Kids Fair' on the White House lawn, sparking newfound interest in the 3000-year-old sport. But here at COED, we've always known how amazingly hot this gyrating activity can be - especially when it's being done by super smokin' chicks in bikinis! Here are 10 Hot Girl Hula Hoop videos, just to show you what we're talking about.

Apr 12, 2010

The 50 Most Popular Women on the Web (According to Google) : 30 – 21

#30 Kristen Stewart 14,400,000 Results (click image to view pics of Kristen smoking weed) #29 Betty White 14,500,000 Results (click...

Dec 31, 2009

Michelle Obama Is Fugly…Someone Had To Say It

Michelle Obama Is Fugly…Someone Had To Say It • What Your NYE Drink Of Choice Says About You • Story Headline Says It All... • The Basics Of WineTiger's Porn Star ParWomen Can Smell Bon-rs

Jan 20, 2009

Marisa Miller Has Slippery Nipples

• Marisa Miller Has Slippery Nipples • Gisele Is Unbelievably Sexy • Proof Celeb Athletes Love Fake BoobsBikini Girls WrestlingJillian Beyor Fills Out Her Bikini Nicely • Eddie Murphy And A Drunk Vegas Ho

Oct 14, 2008

Michelle Obama Meets World’s Biggest Obama Fan

Michelle Meets World’s Biggest Obama Fan Audrina Patridge Topless And Skinny Dipping In Your Face…Literally Most Conservative & Most Liberal...

Oct 10, 2008

Zipcar: Largest On-Campus Car Sharing Program

Zipcar Expands World’s Largest On-Campus Car Sharing Program With more than 120 university partners, Zipcar becomes leading choice for students...

Aug 26, 2008

Cletus The Slackjawed Yokel Tries To Kill Obama

Fear the 21st Century mastermind killer. He comes armed, dangerous, and uncomfortably inbred-looking. Meet Nathan Johnson, Tharin Gartrell and Shawn...

Aug 26, 2008

Cletus The Slackjawed Yokel Tries To Kill Obama

Fear the 21st Century mastermind killer. He comes armed, dangerous, and uncomfortably inbred-looking. Meet Nathan Johnson, Tharin Gartrell and Shawn...

Jul 14, 2008

New Yorker Cover Controversy

The political world has its panties in a bunch this morning over the cover illustration of this week’s (July 21st)...