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guinness world record

Sep 8, 2014

World Record Holder For “Most Beers Carried At Once” Is A German Friend We All Need [VIDEOS]

German man Oliver Struempfel is a guy we could all use on our team--he's an individual capable of carrying 27 liters of beer at once.

Aug 5, 2014

Woman Produced Nearly A Box Of Franzia Worth Of Breast Milk Every Day

A woman in North Texas has one tired pair of ta-tas after shattering the Guinness World Record for producing the...

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Oct 14, 2013

Sweet Guinness World Records for National Dessert Day

Happy National Dessert Day! We obviously love talking about food at COED, especially when we’re talking best, biggest or most...

Mar 15, 2012

Win A Guinness Trip To Dublin In One Easy Step [SWEEPSTAKES]

You’ve already got plans for St. Patrick’s Day, but what about the after-party? Courtesy of Guinness (the beer), you could...

Mar 8, 2012

Win A Trip To Ireland Just For Promising To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

We told you about our pledge to help Guinness (the beer) set a Guinness World Record for The Largest St....

Feb 22, 2012

Win a Trip To Ireland & Help Us Set a Guinness World Record for Largest St. Patrick’s Day Celebration!

We’re working with Guinness (the beer) to help set a Guinness World Record for The Largest St. Patrick‚Äôs Day Celebration...

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Sep 24, 2011

Man Sets Record For Jumping Up Steps… On His Head [VIDEO]

Whenever you complain about being hungover or think that your headache is bad, think of this bald kung-fu ninja who trains tirelessly to jump up steps with his head. I'm not sure what kind of discipline he studies, but in terms of pointlessness it rivals the ninjas who practice eating molten lead. I'm serious, that actually exists. Anyways, in this video the kid sets the record for most steps jumped up with your head. I feel like this record might stand for awhile. Check out the video after the jump!

34 “Shots” Of Jack Daniel’s For Mr. Jack’s 161st Birthday [PHOTOS]

For the month of September, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey is celebrating its 161st birthday. To kick off the celebration, they invited people to South Street Seaport to break 7 Guinness World Records. As a celebration of what is right and American, we bring you 36 photos of this iconic bottle in the hands (and other places) of some of the rich and famous. Check out the gallery then join Jack's party for a chance to 1 of 7 prizes after the jump.

Sep 1, 2011

Burnin’ Rubber World Record

Reckon that time you stayed up bleary-eyed until 4am playing Halo ranks you as a hardcore gamer? Think again, as a group of dedicated souls are out to set a new Guinness World Record by playing Burnout Paradise for 24 straight hours...

Firefox 3 Release F-Up

As many of you already know, Mozilla is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the most downloaded program...

Jun 17, 2008

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Jun 10, 2008

Great Boston Beer Marathon Looks To Set Pub Crawl World Record

You can mark the Great Boston Beer Marathon (starting this Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 10:30am) down as the most...

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