May 7, 2017

Emmanuel Macron Wins French Presidential Election…Wait, Who?

We have a new president in France! The right-wing wave of political power may have died down somewhat with the...

Nov 9, 2016

This Is How Newspapers Around The World Reacted To Donald Trump Becoming President

At last, one of the nastiest and most cutthroat elections of all time has come to a close. Around the...

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Nov 9, 2016

Soda May Soon Begin Costing You More Money Because of a Sugar Tax

It was a double-whammy for voters this week when four cities agreed to add taxes to sweetened soft drinks. Boulder,...

Nov 7, 2016

Draco Malfoy Took A Break From Hogwarts To Start Supporting Donald Trump

With the Presidential Election tomorrow, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are doing whatever they can to bring on last-minute...

Sep 16, 2015

Tom Brady Annouces His Support For Donald Trump As The Next President

Wait… wait…… whaaaaattttttttt. You’re telling me the two biggest news stories of the last month, Tom Brady and Donald Trump,...

Nov 7, 2012

This Is Sad: People Googling ‘Who Is Running For President’ Saw A Huge Spike This Week

How large does the rock you’re living under have to be for you to turn to Googling “who is running...

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Nov 7, 2012

Look Everyone, It’s Wyclef Jean… I Mean Wale… I Mean Will.I.Am [VIDEO]

I'll tell you who's not standing next to you, Blake. The ODB. But seriously, I thought that all white people knew who the Black Eyed Peas were.

Yes, This Real Winner of the 2012 Election Moment Happened [PIC DUMP]

Four more years, Democrats maintain control of the Senate, Republicans maintain control of the House: screw all that. The big...

Nov 7, 2012

Election 2012’s Best Presidential Write-In Candidate [PIC]

Don’t be surprised if a gay dog doesn’t end up just pulling this thing out. Barack Obama was our first...

Nov 6, 2012

Vote In The Cracked Election 2012

Everyone hates the election. Woo. President. What does that jerk do? Run the country? Whatever. You don’t want to debate...

Nov 6, 2012

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Nov 6, 2012

Today’s Election As Reenacted By Two Headbutting 17-Month-Old Twins [VIDEO]

Wyatt says I’m a conspiracy theorist, but come on… A video of two twins — one in a red shirt,...

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Nov 5, 2012

31 Sexy Celebrities’ (Probable) Presidential Picks

Voting is your civic duty, whether you’re a lazy college student or a hot Hollywood starlet. Considering that the decisions...

Oct 24, 2012

‘United States’ Spelled Wrong On Ballot In County In Washington State

When it comes to Election Day, we all make mistakes. I once voted for Ralph Nader for President in two...

Oct 4, 2012

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead Uses Election Season To Promote New Music, Album [VIDEO]

I can definitely back any candidate who gives speeches while he "appears intoxicated." Lost Songs, the new album from ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, will be released on October 22nd.

Nov 1, 2010

TV This Week: A Mixed Bag of Awesome

This week's TV schedule brings you comedy, reality, and hard time. So open up your mixed bag of awesome and see what's in store!

Feb 22, 2010

38 Hottest Hollywood O(bama) Faces

It is pretty widely known that Barack Obama is a studly basketball player so on tonight’s episode of The Buried...

Nov 10, 2008

How They Did It: South Park’s Election Episode

When it comes to social commentary, South Park takes the proverbial cake, constantly cutting through the bullsh*t to get to...

Nov 4, 2008

Hottest Hollywood O(bama) Faces

After two extremely long and tedious years, the Presidential horse race is finally coming to a close. There’s been ups...

Oct 31, 2008

FHM High Street Honeys 2009: The Most Important Election of Your Life

Local British hotties don’t get the respect and awe that they deserve. We all know about the Keeleys, Lucys and...

Oct 28, 2008

Florida is Determined to F-up the Election…AGAIN

I don’t get it. Having proven that the State of Florida cannot handle relatively simple tasks, as was the case...

Oct 16, 2008

I Scissored Sarah Palin

This picture from Wednesday’s Presidential debate at Hofstra University is already so perfect that I’m afraid I’m going to say...

Oct 12, 2008

McCain’s Going Back to the Late Show

First, John McCain blew-off David Letterman to “deal with the financial crisis in Washington.” Then he got reamed with jabs...

Oct 12, 2008

Luisana Lopilato and The Week That Was: Oct. 5th–11th

With a name like Luisana Lopilato, you have to be famous. And this 21-year-old Argentinian actress and model has been...

Oct 7, 2008

AIG Starts Using Bailout Money For Food and Facials

It is great to know that the economy’s complete and total collapse hasn’t taken its toll on AIG executive’s ability...

Oct 6, 2008

Market Bailout Leads to Market Crash…Again?

So this is not exactly what they said would happen, and I am confused. Where the hell did the $850B...

Oct 3, 2008

The Young Guns of NCAA Football

The Young Guns of NCAA Football Who says experience is everything? Maybe more than ever before, coaches are turning to...

Oct 2, 2008

Does This Cowgirl Support McCain or Obama?

Does This Cowgirl Support McCain or Obama? – Click to Find Out Leighton Meester Is A Fox Weed Less Harmful...

Sep 30, 2008

Redneck Rails on Obama

Redneck Woman Rails on Obama – Watch more free videos Holy hell…Regardless of whether you’re Democrat, Republican, Independent or just...

Sep 19, 2008

Mavs Might Regret Passing on Howard for Artest Deal

We are nearing the point where a Josh Howard for Ron Artest swap would have been a character upgrade for...

Sep 8, 2008

Obama’s Grandfather’s Junk

You’ve probably seen this photo a 100 times before and thought nothing of it. I mean, the pic is innocent...

Aug 29, 2008

Is McCain’s Vice-Presidential Pick Gov. Sarah Palin? (The Answer Is Yes)

Once thought a longshot, Republican Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin is now on a plane to potentially stand at McCain’s side....

Aug 28, 2008

Obama Speech: Any Fair and Balanced Left in the News?

If so, I can’t find it. So Obama is done giving his speech, and I am flipping between MSNBC with...

Aug 23, 2008

Obama…Biden…Vice President…Right Choice?

We think so. Not that our word is worth jack – we know chicks, boobs, liquor and sports…and we know...

Aug 4, 2008

Hello, Young Voters — 5 Ways To Motivate The Immovable

5. Put YouTube terminals in the voting booths You wanna know something? Us college kids are really just big magnets....

Jun 16, 2008

Al Gore (Finally) Endorses Barack Obama

In an email sent out this afternoon, former Vice President, Oscar-winner and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Al Gore endorsed Sen....

Feb 26, 2008

Celebreality in Election 2008

You wouldn’t think it, but there is one way this 2008 presidential election looks sort of like the end of...

Feb 15, 2008

The Hillary Problem: Women Should be NICE

Everybody wants to tell me how they feel about Hillary. Super Tuesday has come and gone. In spite of the...

Nov 29, 2007

On the Issues: A Crash Course in Politics

It’s ok if you’re not “into politics” as much as you would like to be – a lot of people...

Aug 20, 2007

Political Aussie Gets Flossy at Strip Club

Some politicians debate on issues via live television, others stuff taxpayers money up a stripper’s G-string. They handle politics differently...