Oct 14, 2019

Police Warn of THC-Laced Candy on Halloween

It’s that time of year again. Halloween is just around the corner and police are spreading fear by telling parents...

Oct 30, 2017

#NationalCandyCornDay: Must-See Funny Twitter Posts & Reactions To Candy Corn National Candy Corn Day is a time both celebrated and hated by...

Oct 30, 2017

National Candy Corn Day 2018 Memes: Best Jokes, Funny Photos & Images

Candy corn had to be one of my favorite candies of the Halloween season. They’re so sweet and sugary. And...

National Sour Candy Day 2017 Memes: Best Jokes, Funny Photos, GIFs & Images

Welcome to National Sour Candy Day, folks! It’s a date dedicated to sour pusses all across the nation. Cheers to...

Jul 18, 2017

Power Ranking The Top 5 Halloween Candies

Before Halloween was all about slutty costumes and getting shitfaced, it was about the candy, the sweets, the sugar high....

Oct 31, 2016

It’s Almost Dinner Time So Here’s A 7-Foot-Long, 27-Pound, 36,720 Calorie Gummy Python

Over at Vat19, you can buy all sorts of gummy grub — 5-pound gummy bears, 2.5-foot-long gummy snakes — but...

Nov 8, 2012

Apr 23, 2012

This Candy Is Not As Sexy As Some People Think

This whole Mike & Ike thing seems to be getting out of hand. For those coming in late, Mike &...

Dec 13, 2011

University of Tokyo Produces World’s Biggest Kit Kat Bar [PHOTO]

Gimme a break. University of Tokyo students have made an 80kg Kit Kat bar measuring 100 x 60 x 20cm to encourage high school kids to study for upcoming college entrance exams. Kit Kat is considered a lucky food in Japan. Check out our lists of other record-breaking foods after the jump.

Aug 22, 2011

Scandybars, Windoodles, Shopped-Looters [WEBSITES OF THE WEEK]

At COED we try to pay homage to the funniest and most WTF sh*t on the interwebs. With our “Websites of the Week” column, we’ve done just that. If you’re looking to murder some time, you can’t do any better than our suggestions. This week’s sites feature candy guts, dry-erase window graffiti, and photoshop(lifting) criminals. Check out some of the best sites on the web after the jump!

Sep 9, 2010

5 Unsexy Halloween Theme Party Costumes

Theme parties are the best ways to get hot chicks to leave absolutely NOTHING to the imagination and wear next to nothing as a costume. Unfortunately, the following five costumes do absolutely NOTHING for the libido. Make sure you keep this story in mind when picking your Halloween theme.