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Jun 16, 2015

Red Robin Makes ‘Terminator Genisys’ Burger & It Looks More Amazing Than The Movie

Red Robin is opening shop on a limited edition menu for the flick Terminator Genisys and the burger looks f*cking...

Oct 4, 2013

Weekend Style: It’s Burger Time

We know, we know, it’s burger time all the time in a man’s world, but we mean this a little...

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Feb 26, 2013

Steak ‘N Shake Now Offering 7×7 Steakburger For Mere $7.77

We all have dreams. Some dream of feeding all the starving people in the world. Some say, “F**k the starving...

Feb 18, 2013

‘The COED Burger’: See The Recipe For The Highest Class Low-Class Burger Ever Conceived

On February 22nd, the Amstel Light Burger Bash will be held at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. To...

Dec 5, 2012

A Burger So Hot That You Have To Sign A Waiver To Even Touch It

18 oz of meat, 18 oz of cheese, 1 million points on the Scoville scale, pizza for the burger's buns, and you're telling me this isn't made in the US?

Nov 28, 2012

Best Hangover Cure Ever? Bloody Mary With A Cheeseburger Garnish

The old saying goes “a picture is worth 1000 words” and I believe it’s true because the picture above just...

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Sep 17, 2012

Slater’s 50/50 Donut Burger Looks Appropriately Delicious And Masculine

In joining with the Beer Milkshake and the KFC Double-Down (food items that are too manly not to exist), Slater...

VCU Stuns Kansas to Win Final Four Birth

• 11th Seeded VCU Stuns Kansas with 71 to 61 Win.

Doesn't Julian Assange already have his own secret, underground home?

• He Died For Your Flame Broiled Whoppers!

• GOOOAAAL... To The Face

• 28 Vintage Book Club Mailers

• The 7 Most Heroic Con Artists Of All Time

Mar 27, 2011

World’s Most Expensive Foods & Drinks

A college diet usually consists of a lot of Ramen, which costs a fraction of a dollar at the grocery store.  Any food item above ten dollars is usually out of the question unless everyone is throwing in on some pizza.  The following food items all represent the most expensive examples of food in the world of over-indulgence.  Most of us will only dream of what these delicacies taste like.

Jan 10, 2011