Hannah Schauer

North Carolina State University ACC CONFERENCE

ABOUT Hannah

North Carolina State University, Sophomore

Why did you choose your school and what makes it better than the rest?

State was at the bottom of my list. In fact, when I first visited I left with tears in my eyes because I hated it so much. I hadn’t even seen the actual campus until Freshman Orientation. I’m not completely positive why I came here, but I know why I’m staying. The school’s motto “Think and Do” is a concept I really appreciate.

What kind of activities are you involved in? (sorority, theatre, clubs, etc)

RUSH PI BETA PHI. I’m joking. I mean I am in Pi Beta Phi, and you should rush it…actually I wasn’t joking definitely rush Pi Phi. Don’t fret thought I can’t JUST be a sorority girl, primarily because sometimes I don’t feel cool enough to hang out with them, I’m also in like a lot of things and I should probably step back a tad. I work with a nonprofit called SolarPack that’s designing a luxury solar powered car.


If you had to choose one social media to use for the year, what would it be and why?

Twitter. Twitter for sure. I have this way I make tweets where you think it’s going to be a haiku but then BAM I just said something about poop or a terrible pun instead. It gives me a platform to share those thoughts that go through my head that you can’t really tell any one person (because let’s be honest it’s really not that important) but you need to share it with someone because it made you snicker when you were sitting on the toilet. Granted some of my tweets are actually serious. I think. I’d have to look though and none of the recent ones are all that meaningful. Also you find the weirdos in the pits of twitter but you have to comb over the uninformed political rampages to get there.

What’s your major/what are you thinking of majoring in?

I’m currently majoring in Civil Engineering and International Studies of Global Sustainability and Development. The Civil Engineering focuses on Sustainable Urban Development. Basically if you wanna just buypass those first two sentences I’m hoping to become a really succesful tree-hugger.

Who’s the most famous graduate from your school?


Would you like to study abroad? Have you?

I’m super hype to study abroad in Portugal next summer. Portuguese is my language concentration (I currently only know how to say “hello” and “pineapple”) and the university I’m studying at is in Ponta Delgada aka A FREAKING WHITE SANDY BEACH ISLAND! Very excited.

Do you have a favorite sports team?

Other than NC State? (go Pack) Yes. Of course. Not that I don’t love our basketball team, but the truth is we’re just not that good. For some reason I really like Indiana; I couldn’t tell you why. Other than that the only sports I watch are any Football Cups and then you always gotta go for Germany.