Non Tournament eSports Enter New Jersey

While betting on eSports is not entirely new to the state of New Jersey, it is one of the newer forms of betting that has been legalized in the state. Now, those in New Jersey will also be able to wager on esports events that are not part of large tournaments. SIS made an announcement that it would supply non-tournament betting options for bet365, an online site that is available. New Jersey also differs from many other states in that players can also play online casinos safely using offers in Bet365, FanDuel or BetRivers NJ online casino.

SIS will be offering a variety of events that take place in the British-gaming studio. There will be exciting matches that are overseen by trained referees and these will be visible to all those watching esports at bet365. With a live stream offered, bettors will be able to see all of the action and also benefit from betting prompts and commentaries.

The first product that is available for those in New Jersey is ebasketball. The gamers who are playing will have the skills needed to beat the superstar level in NBA 2K22. These games will also be at least 18 years of age and will be employed directly by SIS. All games will be played at a studio located in Milton Keynes.

Competitive Gaming Products To Follow

The ebasketball option for bettors is just the first step to offering non-tournament betting on esports in New Jersey. The partnership between SIS and bet365 will also allow for the SIS H2H Global Gaming League to provide additional esports betting options. This league hosts more than 150,000 events each year. By having frequent events, fans of esports no longer have to wait for major tournaments to place bets.

The United States is one of the largest markets in the world for esports and with this launch in New Jersey, the options for bettors continue to expand. This is not just a great option for SIS and individual bettors. The partnership will provide a great boost to bet365, which is already one of the largest online sportsbooks in the world. By adding esports the website can maintain a strong presence in New Jersey and offer bettors something that cannot be found at other sites.

eSports Betting to Exceed $10 Billion in NJ

With the new offering of esports betting at bet365, New Jersey is expected to see betting exceed $10 billion by the end of the year. A major boost came with the ability to wager on the Mid Season Invitational 2022 back in May. Since then, New Jersey residents have been enjoying esports betting and can now access even more options through bet365. 

Instead of waiting for major tournaments to be scheduled, betting on ebasketball from SIS at bet365 will provide bettors with a chance to wager at any time. The expansion of non-tournament betting will continue to generate revenue for the state and will enhance the igaming market. Betting on esports has grown since being legalized in 2018 and there is an expected growth of 9% in 2022. Numbers may actually exceed this with the announcement of this new bet365 and SIS partnership.

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