Pusha T, Arby’s Release Second McDonald’s ‘Rib Roast’ Diss Track (VIDEO)

Arby’s and Pusha T are back with another collaborative effort to celebrate the release of a new menu item.

Pusha T previously released a Filet-O-Fish diss track when Arby’s dropped their new fish sandwich, and the new diss track is here to take aim at the McRib with Arby’s bringing back the Country Style Rib sandwich.

The sandwich, which is available for a limited time at Arby’s now, is “smoked for at least eight hours over hickory wood, the Country Style Rib Sandwich redefines expectations of what a rib sandwich can be and is made with quality country-style pork rib meat and topped with melted Cheddar cheese, crispy onions, and smoky BBQ sauce.”

The Country Style Rib sandwich is available starting at just $5.99.

“We’re on a mission to call out weak sandwiches of questionable quality, and there is no other product that can compare to our REAL Country-Style Rib Sandwich or is worthy of Pusha T’s praise,” said Jim Taylor, President of Arby’s. “We’ve spent years perfecting the intricate smoked rib flavors and are proud to have Pusha remind people why Arby’s has the meats — and smokes the competition.”

Pusha T and Arby’s also collaborated on a country-inspired streetwear collection available now at ArbysRealCountryStyle.com.

You can check out the diss track below.

Arby’s, Pusha T – ‘Rib Roast’ Diss Track & Lyrics

They call me when it’s time to do damage
When the quality ain’t up to my standards
That McRib falls below average
Replaced by the Country Style Arby’s Rib Sandwich [Woo
Straight out the smokehouse, Texas’s my old route
Eight hours to slow cook, keep push for the rollout
The boss with the Smoky Q sauce
The Real Country Style McRib kept lost, yeugh
This doesn’t compare to
That replica Rib patty
I’m screaming, “How dare you?”
You know that I’m war ready
Arby’s taking taste to the next level
Arby’s is the choice when you won’t sеttle
McDonald’s, what you selling, mystery mеat?
Hop up and go away, what does history teach?
Mickey D’s, McRib, you ain’t it in the streets
The Real Country Style Rib Sandwich here to compete
Look, straight out the smokehouse
Country Style Arby’s Rib Sandwich, what you know about?
We coming straight out the smokehouse
McRib, you just look like a clown

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