Shiner Beer Announces New IPA, Twin Dream Double IPA, Brewed With Cactus Water

Shiner Beer is bringing out a new, unique beer to cap off its Tex Hex IPA trilogy.

The iconic craft brewery announced the release of Twin Dream Double IPA which is the strongest ABV to date, invoking flavors of citrus and pine.

What makes Twin Dream Double IPA unique? The beer is brewed using cactus water and a blend of American hops (Idaho 7 and citra hops). Twin Dream Double IPA has an ABV of a whopping 9.5 percent.

Other beers in the Tex Hex IPA trilogy include:

Tex Hex Bruja’s Brew IPA (7% ABV) is rolling out in limited distribution in Texas and nationally throughout January with plans for a full-scale launch in the spring.

Desert Mirage IPA (ABV: 8%) the second in Shiner’s newest IPA line, Tex Hex is a full-bodied hazy IPA with tropical flavors of pineapple and tangerine. Floral and resinous, this brew has a long, complex finish.

You can learn more about the latest Shiner Beer products here.

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