Netflix to End Free 30-Day Trial Promo in the United States

Netflix is bringing an end to a popular promotion for new subscribers that has been in place for years. According to the company, it will be ending its 30-day free trial period in the United States.

“We’re looking at different marketing promotions in the U.S. to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience,” a Netflix rep said in a statement to the New York Post.

Rather than offering a free month of service, Netflix will be allowing customers to cancel at any time at no additional cost.

Free trials for new Netflix subscribers will still be available in different markets outside of the United States.

The decision to end free trials also comes at a time when Netflix competitors are finding more success and cranking out popular content. Services like Disney+, ESPN+, HBO Max, and CBS All-Access have all ended their previous free trial period.

Disney+’s free trial ofter only lasted for a couple of months before seeing the number of subscribers explode shortly after its initial launch.

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