Billie Eilish, John Legend Among Democratic National Convention Performers

Billie Eilish and John Legend are among the performers scheduled for the Democratic National Convention later this month. The performances will take place across four nights from August 17 to August 20, according to the New York Post.

The full list of performers includes Leon Bridges, The Chicks, Common, Billie Eilish, Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, Billy Porter, Maggie Rogers, Prince Royce, Stephen Stills and more.

“In just three days, we will kick off a Democratic National Convention that will look and feel very different than past conventions. It will truly be a convention across America, and these incredible artists will help us tell the story of where we are as a country today under Donald Trump’s failed leadership, and the promise of what we can and should be with Joe Biden as president,” said Stephanie Cutter, 2020 Democratic National Convention Program Executive. “These artists are committed to engaging with, registering and mobilizing voters to get us over the finish line in November.

“The performances — ranging from renditions of the national anthem, to American classics, to new songs — are expected to draw in new viewers who may not have tuned into conventions of previous years, ensuring the 2020 Democratic National Convention will engage more Americans than ever before.”

The Democratic National Convention will also feature speakers across the four nights.

The official live stream for the 2020 Democratic National Convention will be hosted on, with the virtual event being “anchored” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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