WATCH: Florida Man Fights Walmart Employee Over Store’s Mask Policy

People are losing their minds during the coronavirus pandemic, and when you add the anxiety of a worldwide pandemic to the always infamous Florida man, you are guaranteed to have a wild incident. That was exactly the case at a Walmart where a man went berzerk over the store’s policy requiring customers to wear a mask.

A video on social media shows a man losing his mind after being asked to put on a mask before entering the store.

The incident occurred in Orlando, Florida, which now requires masks.

Rather than doing the simple task and covering his face, he decided to physically assault the Walmart employee in an attempt to gain entry into the store. While shoving the employee, Florida man hilarious tripped and fell on his face, before continuing to engage with the employee throughout the video.

Eventually, it appears as though the man was successfully removed from the store.

Watch the insanity unfold.

It’s really simple, folks: wear a mask. If you don’t like wearing a mask or don’t want to protect others while out in public, simply stay at home and shop online, get delivery, or curbside pick-up.

Whatever you do, don’t assault Walmart employees who are simply doing their job and not getting paid enough to deal with your bullsh*t. Oh, and for the “no mask” crowd, Florida is becoming the newest epicenter for the coronavirus pandemic in the United States with more than 100,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

According to the state Department of Health’s most recent numbers, more than 100,000 total coronavirus cases have been confirmed. The latest numbers indicate 100,217 positive tests and 3,173 deaths. Local news outlet WKMG-TV also confirms that the state has seen an increase of 82 new hospitalizations in the past 24 hours.

Do better, Florida.

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