Dana White Reveals Date For UFC’s ‘Fight Island’ Debut

Dana White continues to say he is very serious about ‘Fight Island.’ The UFC boss recently gave an interview discussing his plans of putting infrastructure on a private island in order to hold additional UFC events.

White has previously said ‘Fight Island’ would open in June, but now we have a target date for the island’s debut.

According to White, the first fight on ‘Fight Island’ is targeted for June 27.

“The first fight on ‘Fight Island’ is probably going to be around June 27 – not July,” White said during an appearance on boxing promoter Eddie Hearn’s “Talk the Talk” podcast. “Let me tell you about ‘Fight Island.’ ‘Fight Island’ is so (expletive) expensive, and so (expletive) crazy and almost impossible to pull off. When you’re talking about planes flying people in and you have to quarantine people and all these things that we’re going through – it’s (expletive) insane to be even trying to do this. But I promise you, we will do it and we will pull it off.

“I believe in doing this, it’s going to help grow the sport immensely. It’s going to help financially, and many different ways it’s going to help build the sport – and I just know that we can do it. But let me tell you how hard it is and how crazy this whole thing has been, man. While people were laying in their (expletive) pools enjoying the pandemic, I’ve been over here smoking my executive staff – burning these guys out, man. It’s crazy.”

White has been teasing ‘Fight Island’ as a way to host fights with more international fighters during the coronavirus pandemic. Because travel has been limited, White believes ‘Fight Island’ can serve as a workaround by allowing fighters to come to his island on private flights.

If Dana is able to pull this off, it’s going to be a monumental moment for mixed martial arts and will bring even more eyeballs on the sport.

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