Joe Rogan Endorses Bernie Sanders & the Internet Loses It’s Mind

Joe Rogan is known for his work as a stand-up comic, his gig as a UFC commentator, and his wildly popular podcast the Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan also finds himself in the headlines for some of the controversial guests he has on his podcast, so it was a bit surprising that some of his tamer comments have generated internet outrage.

Recently, Rogan shared his endorsement of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Sanders then shared video of Rogan’s endorsement on social media which sent the internet into an uproar.

“I think I’ll probably vote for Bernie. Him as a human being when I was hanging out with him, I believe in him. I like him, I like him a lot,” Rogan said. “Look, you could dig up dirt on every single human being that’s ever existed if you catch them in their worst moment and you magnify those moments and you cut out everything else and you only display those worst moments.

“That said, you can’t find very many with Bernie. He’s been insanely consistent his entire life. He’s basically been saying the same thing, been for the same thing his whole life. And that in and of itself is a very powerful structure to operate from.”

Because of the outrage culture, critics of Rogan and those who support Bernie’s opponents decided to chime in by criticizing Sanders and his team for using the Rogan endorsement for clout.

“Joe Rogan also had friendly interviews with Milo Yiannopolous & Jordan Peterson, yelled ‘you’re a fucking man’ on-air about a trans woman, vocally argued against allowing trans kids puberty blockers THIS YEAR, says ‘f*g,’ and believes the world is stacked against men, so. Enjoy,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I really like Bernie and am disappointed to see the campaign boost Rogan, who has made some very anti-trans comments. I really hope the campaign reconsiders,” added activist Alexis Goldestein on Twitter.

Cartoonist Eli Valley tweeted: “Seconded: Rogan can vote for whomever he wants but I don’t think the Bernie campaign should be touting a transphobic creep who gives a platform to Nazis.”

The comments were endless and Rogan found himself as the top trend on Twitter early Friday morning.

Who knew endorsing a presidential candidate could be so controversial.

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