Florida Woman Threatened to Rob McDonald’s if She Didn’t Get Enough Dipping Sauce

Florida, man. Well, this time it was actually a woman. Maguire McLaughlin, a 19-year-old in Florida, was looking to pick up a nice meal from the drive-thru on New Year’s Day when things went terribly wrong. McLaughlin is apparently a big fan of dipping sauces and was not happy when she was asked to pay extra for her desired amount.

After she was asked to pay 25 cents for each extra dipping sauce, McLaughin allegedly threatened to rob the restaurant if they didn’t meet her demands, according to a report from Newsweek.

Some people take their sauces very seriously.

Workers at the drive-thru called police officers after McLaughlin’s threats because she remained parked outside of the McDonald’s in her vehicle.

Eventually, Miss McLaughin was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence.

“Prior to my arrival, she ordered a large amount of food through the drive-thru window,” said an officer in a police affidavit. “Upon paying for the food, she requested dipping sauces from the employee. The employee advised McLaughlin that dipping sauce cost 25 cents, at which point a verbal altercation ensued. McLaughlin further stated that she will be getting the sauce by whatever means necessary, however, could not specify what she meant by that.”

As you might have expected given the date and irrational reaction to being denied free dipping sauces at a McDonald’s, workers at the drive-thru claimed to have smelled alcohol on McLaughlin’s breath and added that she had “glossy eyes” and “slurred speech.”

Someone must have had one hell of a New Year’s Eve celebration.

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