Feb 22, 2018

Attention Rick & Morty Fans: Szechuan Sauce Is Coming Back To McDonald’s

Rick and Morty fans rejoice! The Szechuan sauce is officially coming back to McDonalds’ everywhere. The Szechuan sauce was first...

Dec 13, 2017

Hardo Of The Year Rips Off His Shirt & Hops Behind The Counter To Fight McDonald’s Employees

In today’s edition of “Why you should never step foot in a McDonald’s”, we have an absolute crazy person going...

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Jul 30, 2017

‘Rick and Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland Finally Got His Szechuan Sauce From McDonald’s

Justin Roiland, co-creator of the insanely popular animated series Rick and Morty, was blessed with one of the most coveted...

Jul 20, 2017

Wife Of Police Officer Claims Virginia McDonald’s Denied Her Cop Husband Service

Cathy Naff, the wife of a Virginia police officer, took to Facebook to claim that her husband was denied service...

Jul 13, 2017

McDonald’s Apologizes For Poop Slide Incident In New Hampshire

McDonald’s has apologized to a mom whose 5-year-old son went down the slide and returned covered in feces. This sh*tty...

Jun 8, 2017

Coming From A Dude Who HATES McDonald’s, This McFlurry Cookie IS LIT

I’ve written a lot of negative things about McDonald’s in my young career. I’ve called it the Devil’s kitchen. I’ve...

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Jun 7, 2017

Woman Arrested After She Attacked A McDonald’s Employee For Making Her Wait

An Iowa woman has been arrested after she was caught on video climbing over a counter at a McDonald’s to...

WATCH: Hangry Woman Needs Her McChicken Now, So She Jumps The Counter And Attacks An Employee

The customers are always right…until they assault you for taking too long on a value menu chicken sandwich. This hangry...

Jun 6, 2017

McDonald’s, The Devil’s Kitchen, Is Unleashing A New Demon Upon The World

At this point, I’m starting to wonder if McDonald’s pays a room full of people just to sit around and...

May 31, 2017

McDonald’s Finally Deems Us Worthy Of Fresh Beef In Quarter Pounders

For years, customers and regulators have been pushing for better quality in the fast-food marketplace. Finally, McDonalds is getting with...

Mar 30, 2017

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Mar 21, 2017

Dude Is So Unhappy With His McDonald’s He Jumps Through The Drive-Thru Window To Start A Fight

I didn’t know anyone hated McDonald’s as much as I do. CCTV surveillance video inside the Baltimore McDonald’s captured a...

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Feb 23, 2017

Hell Hole McDonald’s Clearly In Desperation Mode, Now Offering $1 Sodas

Time for this week’s edition of everyone’s favorite COED franchise: Eric wages a holy war against the evil empires of...

Feb 16, 2017

McDonald’s Locations Across The US Have Shut Down For ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ Protest

Now that obese middle-America can’t stuff their fat faces with Big Macs today, maybe they’ll realize how much this country...

Feb 8, 2017

Surveillance Footage Shows Man Trying To Kidnap A Woman’s Daughter At McDonald’s Drive-Thru

This newly released surveillance footage shows Jessica Wilson desperately attempting to safely give her toddler to a McDonald’s drive-thru employee...

Jan 17, 2017

Here Is A Massive McDonald’s Brawl To Start Your Day

Apparently when it comes to McDonald’s, Argentinians are not to be f*cked with. Recently released video footage shows a fight...

Jan 13, 2017

12-Year-Olds Are Now Holding Each Other At Gunpoint Over McNuggets

Before this article goes anywhere, let’s get one thing clear: McDonald’s is the worst of the big three fast food...

Dec 21, 2016

Man Suing McDonalds For A Reason That We Can All Agree Is Legitimate

James Gertie might be the first person in the past twenty years to be suing McDonald’s for a reason that...

Dec 12, 2016

Uh, Hey McDonald’s, There’s Something Wrong With Your Holiday Cups

If you follow my writing, you know I shit on McDonald’s every opportunity I get. They’re a cancer to this...

Nov 30, 2016

The Dude Who Invented The Big Mac Died, Unfortunately Didn’t Bring McDonald’s With Him

First things first, dying sucks so thoughts and prayers to his family. He was 98 and lived longer than most...

Nov 16, 2016

National Fast Food Day: The Top 5 Iconic Fast Food Chains By State

Finally, an Internet holiday that I can support. November 16 is known as National Fast Food Day. How does one...

Oct 11, 2016

All These Clown Sightings Have Ronald McDonald Treading Lightly

I’ve had it up to here with all this clown bullsh*t. Every day it’s something new with these goddamn weirdos....

Aug 22, 2016

Kanye West Wrote A Weird As Hell Poem About McDonald’s And Their French Fries

Frank Ocean has done a ton of weird stuff to support the release of Blonde, his new album, including creating...

Apr 18, 2016

Load Up — McDonald’s Is Offering All You Can Eat Fries

Get this: McDonald’s is dishing out All-You-Can-Eat fries. That’s right. Unlimited fries. And no, we’re definitely not fat enough already....

Jan 6, 2016

I Ate McDonald’s Breakfast For Breakfast Every Day Of The Week And It Was Actually Delicious

So one day, I’m sitting in the office minding my own business, finding whatever garbage the internet cares about on...

Dec 10, 2015

The Last McDonald’s Burger in Iceland Has a Live Stream & Very Lively Instagram Account

We have some bad news – this McDonald’s burger is more cultured than you are. When Iceland shut down its...

Nov 12, 2015

WATCH: Likely Insane Man Eats 10 McRib Sandwiches In Celebration of Their Return

The McRibs sandwiches are back. If you’re a normal person, this information will probably stay in your head for a...

Oct 19, 2015

McDonald’s Reportedly Facing ‘Final Days,’ So Stock Up While You Can

Despite once owning the world with its golden arches, fast food restaurant and ubiquitous chain McDonald’s is reportedly facing its...

Sep 23, 2015

This is What Happens to Your Body Within an Hour of Eating a Big Mac

Living in a country that’s fueled by the simplicity of instant gratification, snagging a big greasy fast food burger jam-packed...

Sep 2, 2015

McDonald’s Will Start Serving Breakfast All Day, Hangovers Might Have Met Their Match

What seems like the most obvious decision that’s never been made, McDonald’s has finally decided to get their sh*t together...

Aug 26, 2015

Is The McWhopper, A Burger From Burger King & McDonalds, Actually Coming?!?

Because this news has made my mind go a million directions at once, I’m going to try and regain my...

Jul 14, 2015

WATCH: YouTube Food Critic Weighs in on McDonald’s Lobster Roll

YouTube food critic Daym Drops is scarfing down the new (and questionable) McDonald’s lobster roll in his latest video. While...

Jun 24, 2015

If You Haven’t Been Deep-Frying Big Macs, You Should Be

Have you ever eaten a McDonald’s Big Mac after it was deep-fried? If the answer to that questions is sad...

Jun 3, 2015

WATCH: Dude Proposes to Girlfriend With McDonald’s Sandwich, is Dumb

You’d think it’d be common sense to never propose to your girlfriend after hitting up a drive-thru window, but in...

Apr 2, 2015

12 Fast Food Items You Wish Still Existed

Let's all have a moment of silence. *Crying*

Feb 5, 2015

Customer Kicked out of McDonalds After Bringing Baby Kangaroo

Today in bizarre news, a Wisconsin woman was kicked out of her local McDonalds after bringing her baby kangaroo inside...

Oct 10, 2013

Daily Six Pack: Hottest Girls of Horror Movies, Georgia May Jagger Topless & More [LINKS]

Hottest Girls of Horror Movies These ladies may be super-hot, but their terrifying performances will send chills up your spine....

Jun 24, 2013

What Your Favorite Fast Food Says About You

If the McRib is your favorite sandwich, you might be suffering from abandonment issues.

Jun 10, 2013

Breaking News For Lovers Of Late Night Drunk Food: McDonalds To Serve Breakfast After Midnight

I'm loving it™! Still don't understand why they wouldn't sell breakfast all the time, though.

Dec 27, 2012

Inside The McMansion: The Fanciest McDonald’s In The World [PHOTOS]

If you’ve never left New York City before, it might strike you as surprising that not every McDonald’s looks like...

Nov 14, 2012

Little Kids + Overdubs = Good Times Had By All [VIDEO]

The concept is simple: take video of your 6-year-old nephew and overdub you telling a badass story on top of...

Oct 16, 2012

‘Extremely Rare McJordan Barbeque Sauce From McDonald’s’ Sells On eBay For Extremely Ridiculous Price Of $9,950

Remember the McJordan -- the limited-time regional burger sold by McDonald's in 1992 named after Michael Jordan to promote the Chicago Bulls NBA championship run? Neither do I. But someone obviously remembers it because yesterday a gallon of "extremely rare" McJordan barbeque sauce sold on eBay for just under $10,000. Why would someone want a 20-year-old container...

Oct 3, 2012

9 Tweets You Hope You Never See On Twitter

Twitter acts as the main source of information for many people. Whereas people used to read newspapers and books, now...

May 25, 2012

Yes, This Ronald McDonald Unhappy Meal Happened

We’re not sure that even a free Happy Meal is going to save this little girl from some pretty serious...

Oct 15, 2011

The Fast Food Fight In McDonalds You’ve Been Waiting to See [VIDEO]

Its just a matter of fact, people love to watch fight videos. Naturally, when I saw this video on the web I watched it - and was amazed. Listen, there are tons of fight videos that happen in McDonald's (we've actually done a great 'Best of' here) but when have you seen one where the customer gets their *ss handed to them by an employee? I won't say much more, but just know that things get pretty real towards the half-way point. Video after the jump!

Oct 5, 2011

What a Kroc! 10 Things You Didn’t Know About McDonald’s [PLUS 49 WTF PHOTOS]

October 5th is Ray Kroc's birthday. Who the f*** is Ray Kroc? He was the genius that bought out some local burger joint called McDonald's back in 1954 and turned it into the juggernaut that it is today. Although Kroc died back in 1984 of heart failure (I'm thinking too many Big Macs or an intense lap dance or possibly both, the dude was 81) he will always be remembered for changing the way the world eats, but there are many things about the iconic Golden Arches you might not know. Check 'em out along with our gallery of funny, WTF McDonald's photos and some kick-ass Kroc-isms after the jump...

Feb 20, 2011

5 Fast Food Restaurants That Will Make You Scared to Fart

Man, do we love fast food. It’s cheap, it’s delicious and it satisfies every self-hating cell in your body with...

Nov 30, 2010

World’s Weirdest ‘Wiches Inspired By The McRushmore

We stumbled up on the now infamous "McRushmore" a couple weeks ago and we were thoroughly impressed. The mammoth, mouth-busting meal consists of the McRib, Filet O' Fish, Southern-style Chicken sandwich, and the Angus Deluxe with bacon and cheese. The deadly delicacy made us think of all the weird combinations we concoct when scrounging around the fridge after a long night of drinking or smoking. We're talking Luther burger weird - bacon cheeseburger between two glazed doughnuts.  Here are some of our favorite Frankenstein recipes.

Aug 17, 2010

5 Foolproof Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there's no reason that you should spend it eating nothing but stale cereal and questionably old milk. Learn how to cook a few breakfast basics and you'll be sure to impress your stomach, as well as your friends. And maybe you'll even be able to convince that special someone to spend the day in bed with you.

Jul 7, 2010

Guide To Understanding How Fat You Really Are

Are you starting to suspect that your morbidly obese but can't find anyone (besides an airline attendant) to confirm it? Well stop stressing and get answers! If you have man boobs or resemble any of these men, you're probably what they call disgustingly fat. But we're not grossed out by you because we know you didn't just wake up one day swimming in Double Down wrappers. No, you get fat in 7 stages. And you know what, don't even try to lose! Being a fat dude has tons of perks!

Apr 9, 2010

10 Inventions Cooler than the iPad

The iPad. If you Google the word, you'll come across terms like "laptop killer," "Apple tablet," and most interestingly, a young man named Ivor Padilla, who uses iPad for his Twitter account. Frankly, we're not impressed. Here are 10 inventions that are much more worthwhile than the iPad.

Jul 29, 2009

Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants That Will Make You Scared to Fart

Man, do we love fast food. It's cheap, it's delicious and it satisfies every self-hating cell in your body with highly processed, corporately created concoctions that any man, woman or child can enjoy.But if you're anything like me, such easily acquired satisfaction comes at a cost... in the form of nearly crapping your pants. Here are the Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants That Will Make You Scared to Fart.

Jan 18, 2009

The Truth Behind the McDonald’s Coffee Lawsuit

Remember a while back, when that lady sued McDonald’s for millions of dollars because her coffee was too hot? Well,...

Jan 15, 2009

Jumped, Knocked Out at McDonald’s [Video]

Getting knocked out sucks no matter when or how it happens. But it sucks way, way worse to get jumped...

Sep 18, 2008

Dear McDonald’s, WTF Do You Have Against Breakfast?

Dear McDonald’s, Are you people retarded? For some reason, anytime I try ordering breakfast at a McDonald’s after 10:30am, I...

May 29, 2008

Kristen Bell In Her Underwear

Kristen Bell In Her Underwear Bong and Bikini Rehab Tess Montgomery Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation Hilarious Gatorade Commerical...

Mar 3, 2008

Facebook’s McDonalds Value Meal Challenge

Ryan Giesel, a freshman at SIU Carbondale, will attempt what we at COED feel to be the impossible: consume every...

Nov 11, 2007

Sex Drive Killer: Babysitting

Sex is a wonderful thing. I don’t need to tell you that. Spontaneous sex is even better; more excitement, more...

Oct 13, 2007

80s Burger Rap

This gem of a training video for cooking burgers was unearthed only recently on YouTube. If you have the urge...

Aug 23, 2007

How Safe Are Those Drunk Rides Home?

“I’m only stopping in for one,â€? were always the last words I uttered on some of my biggest nights out....

Aug 5, 2007

McDonald’s Loves to Make Us Fatter

College kids definitely know what it’s like to have the munchies at 3 a.m., pass by a fast food place...