UFC, USADA Make ‘Significant Changes’ to Anti-Doping Policy

The UFC and USADA have made some changes to the anti-doping policy. The move comes after a recent string of flagged drug tests that were sparked by tainted supplements. Among the “significant changes” were an update to the list of approved substances and the levels athletes can have in their bodies.

“Putting forth a fair anti-doping program with due process protection is integral to having a strong and comprehensive program,” UFC senior VP of athlete health and performance Jeff Novitzky said in a statement.

“A combination of the pervasiveness of low level contaminants in our environment and the increased levels of testing sensitivity of anti-doping laboratories has created an explicit need for decision concentration levels to ensure that the program is penalizing intentional cheaters and not those athletes who have been faithfully adhering to the anti-doping policy.”

From MMAjunkie:

It was announced Monday that, in looking at their existing agreement, the UFC and USADA identified key areas they felt needed to be addressed, with the two organizations agreeing to make “several significant chances” to the UFC anti-doping policy. The major changes involve decision concentration levels and certified supplements, and also include the introduction of a “UFC prohibited list.” That list features a variety of substances identified in contaminated supplements and includes concentration levels, or thresholds, that would not provide any athletic performance improvement.

UFC chief business officer Hunter Campbell added: “UFC and USADA remain committed to the dynamic landscape of anti-doping and will continue to comprehensively review the UFC anti-doping policy together with independent experts and state athletic commissions, to ensure it remains the most effective and comprehensive anti-doping program in all of professional sports and provides fairness and due process to all UFC athletes.”

Athletes worried about tainted supplements can also receive certified supplements at the UFC Performance Institute that are a part of the UFC’s partnership with the company Thorne.

With these changes, the UFC and USADA hope that it can reduce the amount of inappropriately flagged tests that have led to lengthy suspensions in the past and nearly cost fans the opportunity to see Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz earlier this fall.

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