Where Is Sol Pais From? Columbine Threat Maker History

Sol Pais, the 18-year-old woman at the center of the Jefferson County, Colorado school lockdowns on Tuesday, April 16, is reportedly from South Florida.

Where Is Sol Pais From?

According to police, Pais — from Surfside, Florida — flew from Florida to Colorado on Monday, April 15. Upon landing, she purchased a shotgun and threatened to commit an act of violence in the area.

What Did Sol Pais Do?

Pais threats caused area-wide lockdowns at 21 Jefferson County schools, including Columbine High School, the site of the infamous 1999 mass shooting.
Police say that Pais is “infatuated” with the Columbine High School shooting and that’s what caused her to make a threat of her own. Her threats against the Jefferson County schools, including Columbine High School, came just four days before the 20 year anniversary of the deadly Columbine shooting that left 13 innocent people dead.
Authorities have asked civilians not to approach Pais if they see her as she is considered armed and extremely dangerous.
Speaking to CBS 4 Miami, Pais’ father said of her daughter’s actions: “It’s like a bad dream. We don’t know. We don’t have any ideas.”
He then urged his daughter to come home.
“Please come home,” Pais’ father said, “I think she’s going to be okay.”
Additionally, Pais’ father said that authorities told him that his daughter Sol might have a mental problem.
At the time of this writing — the morning on Wednesday, April 17 — Pais currently remains at large and on the run from authorities.
The Denver Division of the FBI and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said that Pais — who stands at 5’5″ with brown hair — was last seen wearing a black t-shirt, camouflage pants, and black boots when she was last seen in the foothills Jefferson County.
Authorities currently looking for Pais has asked anyone who sees her or has information about her whereabouts to please immediately contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation tip line at 303-630-6227.

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