Travis Scott Kindly Thanks The St. Louis Crowd While Performing In Kansas City

Over the last year or two, there has been no rapper on Earth who has blown up as far and as wide as Travis Scott.
Not only has he become one of the most sought after rappers on Earth (he did just perform at the Super Bowl, after all), but his Astroworld album was both critically and commercially successful, as it is currently certified double platinum and was nominated for a handful of Grammy Awards.
Oh, yeah, and he also got married to and had a child with Kylie Jenner, one of the baddest and richest women walking this planet. Not a bad run for years for ole’ Travis, if I do so say myself.
So, because of all that ungodly recent success, we’re well within our rights to clown on the Houston-born rapper when he accidentally thanks the St. Louis crowd in the middle of a Kansas City concert.
“Good night St. Louis. I love you,” Scott can be heard saying as he stepped off the Kansas City stage.

As someone who knows literally nothing about St. Louis, Kansas City, or Missouri in general, I can not speak on the potential territorial beef that may or may not exist between the two cities.
However, as someone who was born in Queens, I can say that I’d be quite annoyed if someone referred to us as the Bronx. Just sayin’: if that type of thinking applies in the Northeast, it wouldn’t surprise me if a similar territorial rivalry also existed in the midwest.

What do you think about Travis Scott thanking the city of St. Louis while putting on a concert in Kansas City? Let us know in the comment section below!

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