I've Essentially Pavlov'd Myself Into Writing About Kylie Jenner Every Week

I was a psychology minor at Rutgers University, and while I can honestly say I learned absolutely nothing in the dozen or so psychology courses I took during my time at school, the concept of classical conditioning, affectionately known as Pavloving.
Classical conditioning is essentially this: involves forming an association between two stimuli resulting in a learned response. If you keep burning your hand on a hot stove, you will eventually learn to not touch said hot stove.
So over the course of my time here at COED, I’ve essentially conditioned myself to write about Kylie Jenner basically once a week.
It’s not really my fault, either. Kylie Jenner dumps it out on Snapchat and Instagram more than anyone in the game. And given the fact that she’s only like, 20, she’s still on the upswing, theoretically getting hotter by the day.
One day we’ll reach our Kylie Jenner quote (if when her eventual sex tape comes out) but that day is not today.

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