Joyner Lucas New Album: 'ADHD' Release Date, Tracklist & Details

Hip-hop artist Joyner Lucas has announced that his latest project will be releasing in the future, titled “ADHD.” Lucas has recently been in a very public feud Tory Lanez, while also appearing on Eminem‘s “Kamikaze” album on “Lucky You.”
The success and recognition is nothing new for Joyner, who became a viral sensation with his music video for “I’m Not Racist.”
While announcing the album, Lucas also opened up about a mental disorder that led him to act out in middle and high school, along with harassment along the way.
“I never felt like anything was wrong with me other than the fact I was just different and misunderstood,” Lucas wrote on Instagram. “Every school I went to received a IEP, (which is a special folder with all my ‘ADHD’ information) so they can repeat the process all over again. It was basically no different than wearing a sticker on your shirt that said “inmate”. I was judged by other students & even teachers. They spoke to me as if I was stupid and less intelligent than everyone else.
“This project is my big F*CK YOU to any and everybody who never thought I wouldn’t make it this far. My big F*CK YOU to anybody who has ever stood in my way. My big F*CK YOU to anybody who ever sh*tted on me on my way up. That goes to family, friends, enemies, ex girls, teachers, principals, police, judges, or anybody who told me I wouldn’t get here. The kid with “ADHD” did it.”
Ahead of the upcoming album, Lucas has already taken to the internet to share a lead single “I Love.”
All of the information you need for the upcoming project can be seen below.

Joyner Lucas New Album Details

Artist: Joyner Lucas (Gary Maurice Lucas, Jr.)
Album: ADHD
Release Date: TBA
Runtime: TBA
Record Label: Atlantic Records

Joyner Lucas ‘ADHD’ Tracklist

Joyner Lucas Music Videos

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