Spotify Releases Live Version ‘Dunno’, One Of The Standouts From Mac Miller’s ‘Swimming’

Despite nearly a quarter of a year passing since the tragic death of 26-year-old Mac Miller, it still feels like something that happened in last night’s nightmare rather than today’s reality.

Gone when you least expected it, Mac Miller — born Malcolm James McCormick — passed away in his home in Studio City, California, on Friday, September 7, due to what was ruled an accidental overdose.

However, despite the fact that it’s been three months since Mac’s passing, his vice grip on the pop cultural zeitgeist has yet to loosen, as new tidbits about and from his life — including music — continue to pour out in the wake of his death.

Spotify has released Mac Miller’s Spotify Singles, a two-track EP that features an acoustic, live-recording of his Swimming hit “Dunno” and a cover of the Grammy-nominated 1974 Billy Preston hit “Nothing From Nothing.”

“Dunno”, one of the many standouts on Miller’s final album Swimming, is considered to be an obvious ode to his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande, as Miller croons:

We was fuckin’, almost missed my flight
I wasn’t even trippin’, I said it’s all right, yeah
Goddamn, we was hit last night
Wouldn’t you rather get along? Wouldn’t you rather get along?
You was coughin’ when you hit my weed
But I’ve never seen you feel that free
So cute, you wanna be like me
Wouldn’t you rather get along? Wouldn’t you rather get along?

While Mac may be gone from his Earth, his talent shall remain, as it appears his music is going to be far more everlasting than he could have ever imagined.

Rest in peace, Mac. We miss you.

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