You Need To Try These Fun Alcohol Drinks On Fourth Of July

In these divided times, there is perhaps only one force that can bring Americans together on our day of independence: alcohol. Nothing haphazardly screams “U.S.A.” more than getting wasted covered head-to-toe in our stars and stripes, so we found some drinks to match. Here are the most patriotic ways to upchuck all the barbeque you eat this 4th of July.

Spiked Popsicles


This is always a go-to move: Fla-Vor-Ice freezer pops are like $5 in bulk at Price Chopper, they taste like vague childhood memories, and no matter how much alcohol you slip in they still look inconspicuous af.
If you’re trash like me, you might just eat a third of a pop and fill the rest of the tube up with whatever liquor is within arms reach. But for those who aspire to not spill corn syrup and Svedka all over themselves, you can fill and seal these popular ice pop molds with whatever boozy concoction you choose.

Pop Rock Kamikaze Shots


These red, white and blue shots are basically liquid fireworks.

Watermelon Vodka Slush


Perfect for a BBQ and only needs 10 minutes of prep time out of your Netflix schedule. Get the recipe here.


Go right to the source like this hero and make a vodka infused watermelon.

Rocket Pop Champagne

Always knew that my rocket pops were missing something. See the easy directions here.

4th of July in a Bottle

If I could have anything on this list, it would be this show of patriotism. It hits every box: it’s frozen, red white and blue, in a unique container, there’s a fun bottle rocket pun in the recipe description, and it requires ten ingredients that you probably don’t have on hand. HITS. EVERY. BOX.
Not even being sarcastic. If you can pull yourself together and make this drink, you have graduated into adulthood.

Jello Shots


If you want to venture beyond the classics, these American flag shots have earned their 13 stripes, and these are made inside of strawberries, so…healthy.

Blue Hawaiian


Channel your spring break self with this cocktail.

Buzzed Cherry Or Strawberry Bombs

Treat yo self with some alcohol soaked strawberries or cherries.

Sparkling Red White & Blue Sangria

This sangria recipe gets five stars.

Italian Ice Champagne Floats

These drinks are made with Italian ice, but they’re an all-American throwback.

Skittles Vodka


Your color options aren’t limited to red and blue for this classic experiment, so feel encouraged to try this for any and all holidays.

Candy Shot Glasses

Now guzzle down that skittles vodka using these candy shot glasses.
Hopefully, this gets you hyped for the holiday, but if you had to drop an Emergen-C in Gatorade after looking through all the sugary alcohol in these pictures, there’s still hope for you yet. We’ve got you with the best American craft beers to drink on this day of independence right here.

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