WWE Superstar Shake-Up 2018 Predictions: Top 10 Groundbreaking Potential Roster Changes

This year’s WWE Superstar Shake-Up could drastically transform the rosters of both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. Next Monday and Tuesday, the WWE will look to shake things up once again, altering the landscape of both brands. But if they want to pass this two-day event off as a true roster-wide shake-up than they’ll have to make some seriously groundbreaking moves, meaning big names must switch brands. In other words, marquee talent will need to be traded for the sake of the Shake-Up.

Who will be heading to Raw or SmackDown? And how will that affect the landscape of their new homes? Let’s take a look into the WWE crystal ball and witness the top 10 most ground breaking potential roster changes for the 2018 WWE Superstar Shake-Up.

10. Samoa Joe Jumps From Raw To SmackDown

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe has had legendary encounters with “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles in the past, but not while in the WWE. The two will definitely deliver magic once again when they meet in a WWE ring. Joe may even become the new WWE Champion in the process. Now, that would definitely be groundbreaking.

9. Becky Lynch Jumps From SmackDown To Raw

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Becky Lynch has been trending water for a while now. She hasn’t made much progress since dropping the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship back in late 2016. Maybe a fresh start in a new environment will help rejuvenate the career of “The Irish Lass Kicker.” But for this move to be truly groundbreaking, Lynch will also need to change up her character. If she turns into a steampunk villain, she’d definitely peak the crowd’s interest once again.

8. Finn Balor Jumps From Raw To SmackDown

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Speaking of Irish-born talent in need of a career boost, Finn Balor desperately needs to change up his game. Much like Lynch, Balor has been trending water on Raw. He has the presence of a main eventer, yet couldn’t even win Raw‘s second title at WrestleMania. If Balor gets drafted to SmackDown, his whole career may take a massive upswing since SmackDown is considered the land of opportunity and doesn’t have a very deep roster (to say the least). Balor may suddenly find himself in the main event scene overnight once drafted to the blue brand. He’d tear the house down with AJ Styles if given the opportunity to challenge “The Phenomenal One” for the WWE Championship. “The Demon King” Balor has largely fallen out of the spotlight since relinquishing the Universal Championship in August 2016. This move may trigger a serious comeback for Balor.

7. Rusev and Aiden English Jump From SmackDown To Raw

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Rusev Day moving to Monday nights would be a huge move for “The Bulgarian Brute” Rusev and “The Drama King” Aiden English. Both wrestlers are getting overwhelmingly positive reactions from the fans. Perhaps, WWE’s flagship show is best suited for this ever-popular duo that seems destined for success. If Rusev’s momentum continues to grow, we may see “The Bulgarian Brute” going up against “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar at one point or another, possibly with the WWE Universal Championship on the line.

6. Jeff Hardy Jumps From Raw To SmackDown

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Jeff Hardy could really benefit with a move to the blue brand. Hardy is a former 3-time WWE World Champion and can easily transition back to the main event scene. Styles and Hardy can tear the house down like they did in TNA. Considering that Matt Hardy is ruling Raw with his “Woken Brilliance,” Brother Nero (Jeff) should find his own domain to conquer over on SmackDown Live.

5. Asuka Jumps From Raw To SmackDown

“The Empress of Tomorrow” Asuka would bring an added level of excitement and legitimacy to the SmackDown women’s division. She already has the presence of a main event worker and will likely rise to the top of the brand, knocking off either Carmella or Charlotte for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship some day very soon. Asuka is destined for success, and despite losing to Flair at ‘Mania, her reign of dominance is not over yet.

4. Charlotte Flair Jumps From SmackDown To Raw

Maybe “The Queen” of the WWE is best suited for Monday nights. Charlotte Flair would easily transition to the top of the division during her first night of the brand. A match between herself and current WWE Raw Women’s Championship Nia Jax, if booked correctly, could be the female equivalent of Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III. Ms. Flair moving to Raw would definitely be ground-breaking, altering the landscape of the Monday Night women’s division.

3. Shinsuke Nakamura Jumps From SmackDown To Raw

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Shinsuke Nakamura can easily transition into the main event scene of Monday Night Raw. Once on the red brand, a match between himself and “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar would all be but inevitable. Nakamura and Lesnar have faced off in the past before in Japan, but never in WWE. A showdown between the two at SummerSlam would definitely sell tickets. If Nakamura ends up being the one who can conquer “The Beast,” it’d be an absolutely shocking and groundbreaking moment in the WWE.

2. Roman Reigns Jumps From Raw To SmackDown

Roman Reigns is one of the top marquee players in the WWE. He’s headlined four WrestleManias in a row and will bring much-needed depth to SmackDown‘s very shallow main-event scene. Reigns’ transition to the blue brand might just be his spark that sets off “The Big Dog” to championship glory. He’d easily become the new face of Tuesday nights in no time. This move to SmackDown would be one of the most groundbreaking roster changes of the shake-up if it weren’t for…

1. Daniel Bryan Jumps From SmackDown To Raw

Perhaps, Daniel Bryan’s return to the ring would be better suited on WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night Raw. Bryan’s star power would surely make up for the loss of Roman Reigns. His move to Monday nights, we’d open up the doorway to numerous dream match possibilities with the likes of Brock Lesnar, Shinsuke Nakamura (if also drafted), Samoa Joe, and Seth Rollins. Bryan is still owed a shot at the Intercontinental Championship after being forced to relinquish the title in 2015 following a near career-ending concussion. So, Seth’s title run may be in jeopardy if D-Bry jumps ship to the red brand. The same goes for Lesnar’s Universal Championship. Speaking of which, you know what most likely won’t happen during this year’s Superstar Shake-Up…

Bonus: The Miz and The Miztourage Jump From Raw To SmackDown

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The Miz is another talent tapping at the door of the main event. The only problem is that the standard of the Raw main event scene is so high. No one could reasonably believe that The Miz could knock off “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship. Although, if he did, it’d definitely be one of the most shocking moments in recent memory. However, The Miz is more likely to ascend to the main event scene in the “land of opportunity” rather than in a territory literally dominated by “The Beast Incarnate.” If The Miz moves to the blue brand, he may find himself as the WWE Champion this year with The Miztourage close behind.

Too Groundbreaking To Happen: Brock Lesnar Jumps From Raw To SmackDown

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If this were to occur, this might just be the most groundbreaking trade in the history of the Superstar Shake-Up or the WWE Draft. Lesnar’s star-power is of legendary proportion. However, he’ll only appear on the brand a handful times out of the year. And in the meantime, there won’t be a world champion on SmackDown. Therefore, Lesnar’s move is not just too groundbreaking to happen, but it may actually hurt the blue brand in the long run if “The Beast Incarnate” moves to Tuesday nights.

Surprise: Sanity Jumps From NXT To SmackDown

Sanity is a four-person faction made up of Killian Dian, Nikki Cross, Alexander Wolfe, and leader Eric Young. They have a dark edge that would fit quite well in any division on the roster. If built up properly, Young could be a formidable opponent for the U.S. or WWE Championship. Regarding the tag team division, Sanity may be the only force out there that could possibly put down The Bludgeon Brothers.

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