COED’s Quick Fix: Everything You Need To Know Today – 3/27

Welcome back, everyone. Hope y’all had as good of a weekend as I did. Spring has sprung in my neck of the woods, and after going down $200 during the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament, I clawed my way #back this weekend to break even. Gotta be careful, though, as last night I caught myself betting basketball, which can be a dangerous game at this time in the season. Shout out to the 76ers, though, for putting that ass-whooping on the Nuggets.
Anyway, on to COED’s Quick Fix: Everything You Need To Know Today — Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Pop Culture

– The Terror premiered last night on AMC, and while I missed the premiere (because I was watching the aforementioned 76ers game), you bet your ass I’m going to be catching it tonight, so check back tomorrow for my official review.

– Sean Penn was ripping cigs on The Late Show last night:

– The late, great Steve Jobs tried warning Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook’s privacy issues way back in 2010:


– Speaking of the Sixers, Markelle Fultz made his highly-anticipated return to the court last night:

– The NBA was the only sports league in action last night (sorry, hockey). Last night’s scores:
– And tonight’s slate:
– But even though its on Tuesday, everyone still has their eyes on Saturday:
– Grayson Allen’s Duke career is over & Twitter had jokes:

News & Politics

– NBA G-League player Zeke Upshaw passed away after collapsing on the court last night.
– Fallen New York City firefighter Michael Davidson was given a hero’s funeral:

– Chance the Rapper has accused a new Heineken ad of being racist:

College News

FSU lifted the alcohol ban they placed on Greek Life in November 2017:

Viral Randomness

– Sorry if you’re reading this buddy, but proposing at sporting events is corny as hell:

– Doggos doing the naps:

Hottest of the Day

Lindsey Pelas brings the heat, like always:

– Emilia. That is all:

Song of the Day

Quote of the Day

““Madness is the emergency exit. You can just step outside, and close the door on all those dreadful things that happened. You can lock them away…forever.” – The Joker

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