The Funniest Tweets About The End Of Grayson Allen's Duke Career

The #2 seeded Duke Blue Devils lost to the #1 seed Kansas Jayhawks during the Elite 8 of the 2018 NCAA Tournament, and with that loss, came the end of Grayson Allen’s roller coaster of a Duke career.
Allen was one of the all-time Duke villains: between his affluent upbringing, smug face, and penchant for tripping his opponents, Grayson Allen was pretty easy to root against. And while he also had some serious game on the court, he appeared to be lost for the entirety of the tournament, especially when it counted most: his last game. Not only did Allen shoot 3-for-13 against Kansas, but he also missed a potential game-winning shot.

That what makes Allen’s exit from college basketball all the sweeter is that he could have been the one to keep it alive. His future was in his hands, an opportunity most of us never have … and he blew it.
And if you’ve ever been on the website they call Twitter, then you KNOW anyone and everyone had Grayson Allen jokes following their overtime loss to Kansas.

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