Sean Penn … You Good Dog?

Sean Penn … you good my guy? I mean, talk about a cry for help, am I right? I know Sean Penn comes from a different era — an era when smoking cigarettes were commonplace — but lighting up during the middle of a late night TV interview? Hair an absolute mess? Talking openly about Ambien? So, I ask again: Sean Penn, you good?
Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, a clearly disheveled Sean Penn lit up a boge mid-interview (and not just one, but two) before letting Colbert know he’s still feeling the effects of the Ambien he took the night before. Now, while he doesn’t mention his hairstyle, it certainly doesn’t help.
For lack of a better term, Sean Penn gonna Sean Penn, so this type of behavior isn’t necessarily out of the norm for the legendary actor, and despite his hazy appearance, him and Colbert actually delved into a decent conversation about why he doesn’t enjoy acting anymore and the creative process behind his new dystopian novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.

Penn may have peaked right before us millennials became fully aware of him, but the dude is a five-time nominated, two-time Academy Award-winning actor. Despite his on-camera smoking habit and cocaine-binge haircut, the man deserves our respect. Plus, when you are Sean Penn, you can get away with behavior like this? Might as well, right?

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