FDNY Lieutenant Michael Davidson Is Given A Hero's Funeral At St. Patrick's Cathedral




On March 22nd, a fire broke out on the Harlem set of Motherless Brooklyn, a new film starring Ed Norton & Bruce Willis, that tragically claimed the life of 15-year FDNY veteran Michael Davidson. Davidson had heroically gone into the blaze, searching for survivors, but was overwhelmed by the smoke and flames and lost his life. Davidson left behind a wife and four children.
Davidson was posthumously promoted to Lieutenant, and the reaction from the city he protected and loved was one of consolation and remembrance. On March 27th, Davidson was given the funeral that he deserved at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan. Firefighters from all over came to honor this man who so selflessly gave his own life in an attempt to save others. People arrived from all over the New York Metro area and even other cities such as Boston to pay their respects.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan,  Archbishop of the Archdiocese of New York, was quoted as saying ““I brought a palm for Michael, for the casket, because it’s Palm Sunday and I said it’s gotta be a consolation, doesn’t it? That this week of all weeks, when we think about the death and the cross and the one who said, ‘greater love than this no one has than to give his life for another.’ Jesus said that and now we got Michael as a living, radiant example of that,”
Davidson’s fellow firefighters and brothers-in-arms had nothing but glowing praise for him. Captain Daniel Kudlak said, “From day one he was a rock, he was the real deal,” and Lieutenant Greg Damato followed with “I’m going to miss him, I love him, and I’ll definitely keep him in my memory forever…He would go through a brick wall for you.”

Donations have poured in for the family and the FDNY Foundation to further honor Davidson’s life and sacrifice. You can donate here.
Rest in peace Lieutenant Davidson, you are truly a hero.

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