Nicholas Cleves Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details On NYC Terror Victim

Nicholas Francis Cleves, 23, is one of eight people who were killed during Tuesday’s terrorist attack in New York City. Cleves was mowed down by a truck that drove through more than 12 blocks down a bike lane in lower Manhattan. Following his death, he was described by a co-worker as a “sweetheart.”

Sayfullo Saipov, 29, has been identified as the terror suspect who drove a rented truck through a Manhattan bike lane for more than a dozen blocks. Saipov has been arrested and charged in the attack that left eight people dead and 11 other injured.

Who was Nicholas Cleves?

Nicholas Cleves/Facebook

Nicholas Francis Cleves was a 23-year-old soft wear engineer. He also worked in a deli in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. His co-worker Dianne describes him as a “sweetheart.”
“He’s absolutely lovely, he was a sweetheart, warm and friendly. He would come in every day,” said Dianne. “There are some people who are just good, and he was.”
According to Nicholas’ Facebook page, he is a graduate of Elisabeth Irwin High School. His page also indicates that he recently completed a degree in computer science and physics from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs last year.
His mom is said to be distraught and has declined to make a comment regarding her son’s death.
Here’s a full list of everyone who was killed in Tuesday’s terror attack in New York City:

NYC Terror Attack Victims: Names, Photos & Details
NYC Terror Attack Victims: Names, Photos & Details
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