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The superstars of SmackDown Live are invading the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tonight’s show starts with Commissioner Shane McMahon after last night’s siege of Monday Night Raw. Last night, Raw was under siege when Shane McMahon led his SmackDown troops against the Raw roster.
Tonight, Shane returns to the blue brand for the first time since he leapt off of a Hell in a Cell…

Let’s get right to Shane O’Mac…

WWE SmackDown Live Viewing Details

Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Time: 8:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: USA
Location: BMO Harris Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI, US
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Online: USA
Mobile: USA Now

Shane O’Mac opens SmackDown

Shane says that if you’re going to get into a fight, it’s best to hit first. That’s what he did last night on Monday Night Raw. Kurt Angle insulted the SmackDown roster, and Shane showed Angle that the blue brand is a force to recognize. McMahon says that SmackDown is ready for Survivor Series.
Sami Zayn comes out next. He says to Shane, “no hard feelings about Hell in a Cell, right?”
Shane says there’s “a lot of hard feelings.” Zayn responds that if McMahon was a competitor, he’d take him out in one second and hurt him “worst than when (he) left Hell in a Cell.”
Zayn says that the reason he’s out here is that him and KO volunteer their services to be involved in the Survivor Series Raw vs. SmackDown match. Shane says that he doesn’t want or need Zayn or KO to represent them at Survivor Series. But if they want to be in the match, they’ll need to earn their way into the Survivor Series team. All Zayn will have to do is defeat his opponent. His opponent is “The Viper” Randy Orton.


The New Day vs. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin

Kofi Kingston and Shelton Benjamin battle to start off the match. Benjamin catapults Kingston who lands on his feet. Kingston catapults Benjamin, and he also lands on his feet like a cat. Kofi dropkicks Benjamin’s leg and then tags in Xavier Woods. They both double-team Benjamin.
When we return from the break, we see Benjamin hitting Kofi with a huge superplex for a 2 count. Both men are down. The fans chant for The New Day. Kofi and Benjamin are able to tag in their partners at the same time. Xavier Woods and Chad Gable enter the ring.
Xavier Woods and Chad Gable trade shots. Woods is able to get the best of Gable, and dropkick him in the back of the head against the ropes. Woods goes for the pin. 1…2…kick out!
Woods takes down Gable again, but isn’t able to get the 3 count he needs. Gable is able to tag in Benjamin, who immediately takes the fight to Woods. Benjamin takes down Woods and goes for the cover. 1…2…kick out!
Benjamin levels Woods with a spinebuster. Gable gets the tag once again. They attempt to double-team Woods, but Kofi Kingston comes in to make the save.
After a back and forth match, Woods runs the ropes only to be kicked in the back of the head by Benjamin while the referee wasn’t looking. Chad Gables capitalizes and takes out Woods.

Chad Gables and Shelton Benjamin defeat The New Day


Who will be the captain of the SmackDown women’s team at Survivor Series?

On last night’s episode of Raw, Alicia Fox was able to earn her spot as team captain for the Raw women’s team at Survivor Series. Who will led Team SmackDown?


Fashion Dogs

Last week, Breezango spoofed Pulp Fiction with “Pulp Fashion.” This week, the duo has once again joined forces with The Ascension to parody a Quentin Tarantino film. This time they’re making fun of Reservoir Dogs
They’ve got James Ellsworth held hostage and something really stinks…


Baron Corbin vs. Sin Cara

Baron Corbin dominates Sin Cara in the opening moments of the match. Corbin is relentless, but Cara comes back and springboards on his opponent. Corbin is knocked out of the ring. Cara is in control and performs two consecutive suicide dives on his opponent.
Corbin gets frustrated and beats Sin Cara down into the mat. The referee tells Corbin to stop assaulting his opponent who is next to the ropes. Corbin refuses and keeps punching Cara while the referee counts to five and disqualifies “The Lone Wolf.”

Sin Cara defeats Baron Corbin via disqualification


Post-Match: Baron Corbin continued the assault after the match. He Sin Cara down in the ring. And then when the ring announcer announced Sin Cara as the winner, Corbin pulled his victim out of the ring and hit him with an End of Days.

Jinder Mahal is Pissed AF

The WWE World Champion Jinder Mahal says that he’s Brock Lesnar’s worst nightmare. After he defeats “The Beast Incarnate” at Survivor Series, the fans will be forced to respect him. Jinder says that he’s earned his spot, starting from the bottom and reaching the very top of this industry.

Sunil Singh vs. AJ Styles

Styles immediately drops Sunil Singh with a head-butt. Styles makes quick work of Singh and locks in the Calf Crusher for the win.

AJ Styles defeats Sunil Singh

Fatal 5 Way to Determine a Team Captain for Survivor Series: Becky Lynch vs. Naomi vs. Carmella vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Tamina Snuka

Carmella takes the fight to Charlotte, as Tamina targets both Becky and Naomi with a double-suplex. Becky and Naomi fall out to the floor. Tamina takes out Charlotte, who joins Naomi and Becky outside the ring. Carmella tries to shake Tamina’s hand, but is dropped with a Samoan Drop.
When we return from the break, Charlotte Flair is on fire as she takes out both Tamina and Carmella. Flair hits a flawless fall-away slam. Naomi drops Becky. Flair pushes Naomi into the barricade and then sets her sights on Tamina, but Lana stops her. This pisses off Flair, which provides the distraction that allows Tamina to almost take her head off with a superkick.
Flair is then sent over the barrier into the crowd. Meanwhile, Becky is busy fighting Tamina. Naomi returns to the ring and dropkicks Tamina through the ropes. Becky enters the ring and rolls up Naomi for a close count of 2. Carmella slides back into the ring and sends Naomi shoulder-first into the barricade. Carmella then attempts two pin-fall attempts on “The Irish Lass Kicker” Becky Lynch. After she can’t put away Becky, she argues with the referee. She takes the fight back to Lynch, but gets caught in the DisArmHer.
After a back-and-forth match, Becky Lynch reigns victorious after taking out Carmella with the DisArmHer. Carmella taps out.

Becky Lynch defeats Carmella, Charlotte Flair, Tamina Snuka, and Naomi

Sami Zayn vs. Randy Orton

Sami pisses off Orton, who unloads with a series of uppercuts. Sami runs out to the floor to catch his breath, Orton follows after him and ends up eating a kick. Sami hits a moonsault as we go to the commercial break.
Zayn is still in control as we return from the break. He levels Orton with a heel kick. But Orton gains momentum and drops “The Underdog of the Underground” over the top rope. Orton continues the punishes with a clothesline and a powerslam, and then continues the assault outside the ring.
Orton hits a huge supelx on Sami from the top rope, and goes for the pin. Sami kicks out at 2 and takes the fight to Orton, leveling “The Viper” with a cross-body. Orton recovers and attempts an RKO, but Zayn rolls him up in a pinning position. Orton is able to kick out, and Sami immediately kicks his opponent and drops his back down to the mat. The fight spills to the outside and Zayn is able to execute a leaping DDT onto Orton through the ropes.
The fight returns to the ring and Orton dodges a Helluva Kick. The Viper hits a rope-draping DDT. Kevin Owens runs down to the ring to provide a distraction to assist Zayn, but this backfires when Orton lowblows Zayn. Orton hits an RKO for the win.

Randy Orton defeats Sami Zayn

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WWE SmackDown Live Stream: How To Watch SmackDown Online – 10/24/17
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