#CanadianHalloweenCostumes: Must-See Tweets, Photos & Best Reactions

#CanadianHalloweenCostumes might just have broken Twitter. Halloween is fast approaching, and the comedy trolls of Twitter are taking notice to this impending holiday…Canadian style, eh.

Let’s see these memes. They’re a real hoot! There’s nothing ugly about Canadian costumes…oh wait…

Ugly Bob.

With a paper bag being the only item required, it's surprisingly affordable. pic.twitter.com/IYXSRhCVyt

— Mike Kelly (@MistahJ1307) October 18, 2017

Burn this next costume right now!

Justin Beaver #CanadianHalloweenCostumes pic.twitter.com/02kRymffxV

— Tamara Rose (@misstamerica30) October 18, 2017

I don’t what she’s trying to imply with that…

A bag of milk #CanadianHalloweenCostumes pic.twitter.com/sz2owaII6x

— 🎄💁🏼‍♀️Just Kristmas💁🏼‍♀️🎄 (@kristenRN202) October 18, 2017

#NeverForget Senator “Totally Not The Night Stalker” Ted Cruz is also Canadian…


This is what I call quality coverage…

Free medical coverage…#CanadianHalloweenCostumes pic.twitter.com/mmKOiHrU3j

— ŁȺᵾǤĦƗNǤ 💀 SꝀᵾŁŁ (@laughingskull59) October 18, 2017

It’s the Sawry Game in Canada!

The Sorry Board Game #CanadianHalloweenCostumes pic.twitter.com/GzruKaREc3

— 🎅🏼HoRiotHoGrl🎅🏼 (@ErinLea7) October 18, 2017

You can be two fart-knockers…

Terence & Philip#CanadianHalloweenCostumes pic.twitter.com/JCWJFTyVRf

— Feliz NaviDitz 🇨🇦 (@DitzMcGeee) October 18, 2017

R.I.P. Gord Downie

Gord Downie #RIP #CanadianHalloweenCostumes pic.twitter.com/W1X2zftT7u

— Rev. Rob (@TheRealMrNixon) October 18, 2017

Good one, eh.

Nickelback #CanadianHalloweenCostumes pic.twitter.com/lfssSNd1L6

— Tamara Rose (@misstamerica30) October 18, 2017

Drink this!

"Sorry to bother you, but Trick or Trick or Treat please and thank you kindly eh?" Play #CanadianHalloweenCostumes w/@MooseChuckleTag NOW! pic.twitter.com/Vq8lIvd1id

— Moose Chuckle Tags (@MooseChuckleTag) October 18, 2017

Which Mike Myers is scarier?

Mike Myers#CanadianHalloweenCostumes pic.twitter.com/hQxFxwllT7

— Feliz NaviDitz 🇨🇦 (@DitzMcGeee) October 18, 2017

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