Hurricane Nate 2017 Photos: Must-See Videos & Pictures Of Storm


Hurricane Nate made landfall near Biloxi, Mississippi early Sunday as a Category 1 storm. Photos and videos have surfaced online, showing the great extent to Nate’s strength. Nate weakened to a tropical depression later that morning, dropping down to 35 mph.

Nate is the first hurricane to hit Mississippi since 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the footage of Nate causing havoc and incredible flooding…

Hurricane Nate 2017

A storm-chaser and National Geographic photographer by the name of Mike Theiss entered the eye-wall of Hurricane Nate, capturing footage inside the first floor of the Golden Nugget Casino Resort Saturday night in Biloxi, Mississippi. See the effects of Nate’s storm surge

That storm-chaser is really dedicated to his job…

Here’s Mississippi in clean-up mode after the storm. The Washington Post provides this footage, interviewing residents and showing the storm’s damage.

Here’s footage of Nate from Fox News. This is not “The No-Spin Zone”…

Let’s see Hurricane Nate in the not so sunny Sunshine State. Here’s the storm from Seagrove Beach, Florida…

Stormy Sunday in Seagrove 🎥@sidmemphis #sltravels #hurricanenate

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