Hurricane Maria 2017 Videos: Must-See Photos & Videos Of Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria is shaping up to be a true monster. She smacked Puerto Rico on Wednesday, entering the island as a Category 4, with winds as high as 155 mph. As a direct result of Maria, the island of Puerto Rico is 100% without power and electricity. On Wednesday night and Thursday morning, the storm has been projected to sweep through the nation, causing plenty of devastation in its wake.

Puerto Rico has an official death toll of 62 as a direct result of Hurricane Maria. According to a report from The New York Times, as many as 1,052 may have died from the hurricane.

A hurricane warning has been issued in the island of Montserrat. Meanwhile, a hurricane watch has been placed on Anguilla and the Turks and Caicos Islands, who are expecting Hurricane Maria as soon as Thursday.

Maria is a true beast. The Caribbean is still shaking over Hurricane Irma, and now they have another powerful storm to contend with.

Yesterday, Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Dominica. Here’s aerial footage of the destruction left by Maria…

WATCH: Aerial footage shows Hurricane Maria's "total destruction" of Dominica

— NBC News (@NBCNews) September 20, 2017

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rossello says a “new Puerto Rico” will need to be built. The storm made landfall in the island nation on Wednesday.

At least 9 dead after "extremely violent" Hurricane Maria makes landfall in Puerto Rico

— TIME (@TIME) September 20, 2017

Reports are suggesting that 100% of the power in Puerto Rico is out. The island nation appears to be off the grid…

#PuertoRico officials say it appears as though 100% of the island is without power. The grid is totally offline. #HurricaneMaria

— Gadi Schwartz (@GadiNBC) September 20, 2017

Here’s an animation, showing Maria growing in force to a Category 5 storm, while Hurricane Jose dwindles down to Category 1. Take a look at how both hurricanes progressed, from September 17-20…

Animation from Sept. 17-20 satellite imagery shows Hurricane #Jose weakening & #Maria strengthened to a Category 5:

— NASA (@NASA) September 20, 2017

Here’s a close-up view of Maria from a NASA satellite…

NOAA/NASA's GOES 16 weather satellite gets a close-up view of the eye of #HurricaneMaria

— Francella Perez (@FrancellaKUSI) September 20, 2017

Here’s a look at some of Maria’s destruction in Puerto Rico…

El Retiro, Caguas, Puerto Rico. Foto enviada por un vecino. #HuracanMaria #MaríaPR

— Susana Sherin (@SusanaSherin) September 20, 2017

Maria is really causing a flood…

Todo inundado, Los Colobos Carolina

— frances guzman (@franeguz) September 20, 2017

Damn, Maria looks fierce…

So esta es la que hay en Ciudad Jardin de carolina

— french toast (@fmhp5) September 20, 2017

People living in Puerto Rico have been calling up radio stations, reporting Maria’s destruction. Doors are reportedly flying off hinges, while a water tank flew away in the southern region of the island. Widespread flooding has also been reported, particularly in San Juan, with water reportedly running down one apartment’s interior staircase.

Here’s a look at Hurricane Maria from inside a house. As you can see, the wind is blowing very strong…

Extreme wind hitting us now ! #HurricaneMaria

— Mike Theiss (@MikeTheiss) September 20, 2017

Maria is really shaking things up…

Walls being blown apart during extreme wind inside lobby of hotel #HurricaneMaria

— Mike Theiss (@MikeTheiss) September 20, 2017

Maria is tearing Puerto Rico apart…

Daybreak ! Extreme winds pounding our hotel in #Fajarado #HurricaneMaria

— Mike Theiss (@MikeTheiss) September 20, 2017

This is one wild storm…

Eyewall tearing up the hotel in #Fajardo #HurricaneMaria

— Mike Theiss (@MikeTheiss) September 20, 2017

Damn, Maria…’

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