Neysa Tonks Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details On Shooting Victim

Neysa Tonks was one of 59 victims to be killed during the worst shooting in U.S. history, at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Tonks was a 46-year-old woman from Las Vegas, Nevada. She’s a mother of three and an employee for a computer software company.
The shooting occurred on Sunday at around 10 P.M. when suspected mass shooter 64-year-old Stephan Paddock opened fire from his room on the 32nd floor of a Mandalay Bay hotel, across the street from the concert. He fired down upon the crowd below, causing 59 deaths and 527 injuries. Authorities are still investigating the motive in the shooting, and are still clueless as to why someone would commit such a murderous act.
Her former church counselor Tracy Downey told the Review Journal that Tonks is remember as “a very nice woman who was full of life and energy.”
Downey added, “All she was doing was enjoying her life and celebrating with friends when a madman opened fired as if he were playing a video game.”
The company Technologent wrote in a statement, “The Technologent family lost one of our own in this tragedy. A great mother, colleague and friend, Neysa Tonks. She leaves behind three boys – Kaden, Braxton and Greysen. Neysa has brought so much joy, fun and laughter to Technologent – she will be greatly missed by all!”
According to LinkedIn, Tonks was a global account executive for Technologent. The company set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the three boys she left behind. So far, the page has earned more than $150k in donations.

Who is Neysa Tonks?

She’s a 46-year-old woman who lived in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was a mother of three, leaving behind three boys, Kaden, Braxton and Greysen.
According to Tonk’s Facebook page, she was from Salt Lake City, Utah.
AJ Yerage, Tonks’ brother told KUTV in Salt Lake City that his sister was a wonderful person. At the time, Yerage and his father were heading out to Las Vegas to identify Tonks’ body.
“How happy and lucky I feel that she was part of my life,” Yerage told KUTV. “I can hear her laugh, her voice in my head and my heart right now.”
Yerage told reporters that Tonks would frequently visit him at his home in Utah. He said that she accomplished a lot in her life, and remembers her as “always laughing, always joking, always sarcastic.”
“I was just proud that I was her brother,” said Yerage.
Her boyfriend also attended at the concert on Sunday where the unprecedented mass shooting took place. Tonks’ brother Cody Davis reported that his sister’s boyfriend was “grazed by several bullets.”
Davis said, “He said he saw her take her last breaths, and he stayed there with her.”
She was a mom first, and an adventurer second,” Davis told Fox13 Now. “She was over the top fun, almost to the crazy fun. She always made people laugh.”
Davis said, “I try to tell my girls, you just never know what`s going to happen. There’s so many bad things that happen in this world.”

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