Officer Charleston Hartfield Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details

Charleston Hartfield, 34, was an off-duty police officer who was killed in the worst shooting in United States history.

Hartfield was also a military veteran and a youth football coach. He was known as Charles or Chucky.
“I don’t know a better man than Charles,” Troy Rhett told the newspaper. “They say it’s always the good ones we lose early. There’s no truer statement than that with Charles. … Our hearts have just been very heavy since hearing the news.”
Troy Rhett said, “He was probably busy helping others… I don’t know a better man than Charles.”
Another friend, Stan King said that Hartfield was “seriously one of the nicest guys ever” and “the most true-blue American guy I’ve ever met.”
Allen Rhett wrote on Facebook, “To my very good friend Charleston Hartfield and his family. You will be missed so much as you are the symbol of what it means to be a great person, friend, husband, father and Coach. Chucky, you were one of the best people I have ever known and I think I speak for many when I say my heart is heavy with sorrow. I will always continue to love you and your family even if you are no longer here with us. My brother, my friend.”

Hartfield recently published a book, “Memoirs of a Public Servant.” It is described on Amazon as, “Documenting the thoughts, feelings, and interactions of one Police Officer in the busiest and brightest city in the world, Las Vegas. This memoir takes you through the personal interactions experienced by a Police Officer with not only the community he seeks to serve but with his partners and their personalities. Some calls are over in an instant while others stick with you forever. Take a sneak peek into this Pandora’s box and see if perception really is reality.”

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