An Idiot's Guide To What The Hell Is Going On With North Korea

North Korea has continued to test their missile capabilities despite pleas from Washington and China to stop. All the while, anti-US rhetoric on state-run North Korean television has made it abundantly clear, that “don’t f*ck with North Korea because we got missiles and we know how to use ’em.”
As a result of this international hostility, the US conducted military defense drills with the Japanese and South Korean Navies. The United States is making their military presence clear in East Asia. They sent their newest F-35 stealth fighters to train with our South Korean allies. The US and South Korea conducted their second largest military exercise, known as “Max Thunder,” which sorta sounds like an ’80s action film.
The United States has also sent the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to the Korean Peninsula. Meanwhile, North Korean state-run media outlet Korean Central News Agency described the deployment of this carrier as “nothing but a reckless action of aggression to aggravate the tensions in the region.”
President Trump believes that China’s leadership can help curb North Korea’s military and nuclear developments. He met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in early April. But right before their meeting, a ballistic missile was fired off of the Korean Peninsula into the Sea of Japan.
North Korea asserted their military might once more last Saturday during the military parade, as they publicly showed off their yuge missiles during the Day of the Sun parade.

Trump has made it clear that the United States is willing to act alone on North Korea. But it doesn’t look like the US is alone with their North Korean military concerns. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman from Beijing feels gravely concerned with North Korea’s growing military threat. Spokesperson Lu Kang said, “China’s position on opposing a nuclear-capable (North Korea) is firm, clear and consistent.”

What’s going on in North Korea?

Recently, a musical was conducted in North Korea, celebrating the birth of their founding father Kim II Sung. The musical ended with a video clip, which shows missiles hitting US cities and ends with a burning American flag.

North Korean state media tells their audience that the United States and South Korea would be “completely destroyed in an instant” if a preemptive military strike is ordered against their communist country.

How is China responding to this hostility?

Last week, China put their cruise missile bombers on high alert, possibly in preparation for a military altercation with North Korea. A great number of Chinese military aircraft has been brought up to full readiness.
“China firmly opposes any words or actions that would escalate rivalry and tension,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang.
Earlier this year, China played negotiator between the U.S. and North Korea. China wanted each country to each give up something that the other side finds antagonizing. For example, Chinese leadership said that US and South Korea should suspend annual military exercises that bother Kim Jong Un’s regime. In exchange, North Korea should halt its nuclear program.
Last Saturday, Kim’s country launched a failed missile test. In the last five years, that country has launched more than 50 ballistic missiles. That is more than double the amount of missile tests his father Kim Jong-il conducted during his entire reign as supreme leader of North Korea.

What is Russia doing?

Meanwhile, Russia has moved its military equipment towards its border with North Korea. On Saturday and Sunday (April 15-16), heavy military equipment was seen heading south of the Khabarovsk-Vladivostok highway. Helicopters and armored personal carriers were on the move, according to Vostok Media.

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