This Is The 'Game Of Thrones' Scene Giants Coach Ben McAdoo Is Using To Fire Up His Team

Football players, they’re just like us (only much larger and wealthier).
They eat, they sleep, and they love Game Of Thrones. And for New York Giants Ben McAdoo, that love of GoT is just another motivational tool.
In an effort to get his players hyped up for their first game of their season, Benny with the Good Hair has been using Game Of Thrones clips to get his players’ amped up, using one clip from season seven in particular.
That’s right: McAdoo is showing his team the scene where Daenerys saves Jon and the Westerosi Suicide Squad from the army of the dead.
via New York Post:

Ben McAdoo on Wednesday, The Post learned, showed the Giants a clip from “Game of Thrones” that only whetted their already ravenous appetites for that fifth Super Bowl crown.
“It’s the … episode when the dragons came, they saved the people,” Landon Collins told The Post, “so basically we’re coming to be the game-changers in this conference and we’re gonna take over. That’s kinda what I took from it.” Big Blue dragons, breathing fire and fury.
“Just the clip they showed us today was pretty cool I guess,” Eli Apple told The Post. “With the dragon, that’s something we want to take and be a little bit, kinda just impose our will like the dragon did. I don’t want to spoil anything for any fans out there, but yeah, the dragon went crazy with the fire breathing and all that.”

Quite effective if you ask me — I’m ready to go put my head through a f*cking wall.

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