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Mind-Blowing Reddit Theory Reveals Unsuspecting Character To Be ‘Game Of Thrones’ TRUE Villain



Look, I miss Game Of Thrones.

For seven glorious weeks this year, SUNDAY was actually my favorite day of the week. Sunday scaries? No such thing when GoT is on.

But now, in the span of a week, not only have we lost Thrones, but we lost Summer, too (and yes, Fall officially starts on September 1, not September 21). Needless to say, Sunday has swiftly transitioned from my favorite day of the week back to the worst.

In an effort to thwart these newfound Sunday Scaries on Steroids, I began rewatching Thrones from start to finish while simultaneously diving into various Reddit threads and podcasts. Gotta stay busy somehow, right? And while doing this, I found maybe the most mind blowing GoT theory that I’ve ever heard … HOT PIE is the actual villain of the whole damn show.

Think about it for a second: earlier in the season, Hot Pie tells Arya that Jon and the Starks have retaken control of Winterfell. Because of this, Arya heads north to Winterfell instead of south to King’s Landing, where she would have likely killed Cersei.

IF Arya went south, then Cersei would be dead, and Jon and the suicide squad would never need to go north of the Wall to capture a¬†wight, so then Dany and her dragons wouldn’t have to save them, Viserion would still be alive, and the Wall would still be in tact. BUT, because of Hot Pie and his fat mouth, none of this happened, Cersei is still alive, Viserion is a blue-fire breathing zombie dragon, and the Wall is about as effective as a condom with a hole poked in it.

So thanks for nothing HOT PIE — maybe if you spent a little more time worrying about the butterfly affect and the well-being of the realm and less time on f*cking baked goods, the Wall would still be standing.


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