Some Mad Genius Made A Trailer For A Modern Day Version Of 'Game Of Thrones'

Can you believe Game Of Thrones seventh season has been off the air for almost 4 months now and we still may have another year (or more) to go until the show returns?!  So, at this point, f*ck it, right? Give me literally anything and everything Game Of Thrones. And if that means a theoretical version of GoT that takes place in modern times, then so be it.
While a version of Game Of Thrones set in present-day sounds like a great idea on paper — Schrodinger’s television show, if you will — an actual attempt at something like this would likely end in failure. That said, the mere idea of a modern-day Westeros is a tantalizing prospect — what if everything that happened in Game Of Thrones was merely human history?
A highway that runs along the Wall. Scientific studies on White Walkers. A Lannister empire that’s lasted a millennia. A Stark rebellion. I’m kind of getting of Throner just thinking about it.
While all of these ideas sound great in theory, the execution is another story entirely. Still, pretty cool stuff if you ask me. Even if we aren’t getting this, at least we know for certain we are getting some sort of Game Of Thrones spinoff.

Meanwhile, production on the actual final season of Game Of Thrones kicked off in early October (the first cast table read was on October 9), so expect some rumors to start leaking out sooner or later.

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