WATCH: Huge Mako Shark Is Trapped Aboard A Fishing Boat, And The Startled Crew Decides What To Do


A mega-sized mako shark found its way onto the front of a fishing boat. The crew is startled by the giant fish flopping on the bow. The creature would probably like to get back into the water, but its body is stuck beneath a guard rail.

Mako sharks are now for their acrobatic abilities, jumping out of the water, and performing tricks in the air. But this shark made its way onto the boat of Captain Don Law from Outlaw Fishing Charters.

“Woaahhhh. He jumped on the boat. Oh my gosh,” says the voice of a crew member as the video opens and the shark squirms and flops on the deck. The shark’s face is a little bloody after smacking its head repeatedly on the guardrail during the struggle.

The crew deliberates on their next move. They can’t just let old sharky die there. So, the team comes up with a plan in attempt to free this mako shark back into the wild where it belongs. Here’s the crew’s valiant attempt at saving this shark’s life…

How did the crew save the shark? One person hooked the head of the shark with the fishing line. Meanwhile, another angler sneaked up behind the mako and tied a rope behind its tail. The video then jumps to the team lowering the shark down into the water.

The shark swam free back into the deep blue sea.

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