WATCH: What Happens When A Spring Breaker Thinks It's A Good Idea To Jump In A Shark Tank?

The stereotype of Spring Break is wild and crazy nights filled with booze and rowdy behavior. But hopefully, you’re not a spring breaker crazy enough to jump into a tank teeming with several live sharks. Well, this guy thought it’d be fun to awkwardly flop into the water with a massive shark swimming close-by. Let’s see how things turn out for him…

What Happened?

Did you really expect the good people at COED to actually showcase a snuff film? Of course not!  **nervous laughter**
Here is the story about some total bro, dumb enough to jump into uncertain waters with a bunch of sharks, but lucky enough to make it out unscathed. It’s the feel good story of the season. Well, not really. One lesson I’ve learned in life is that you can always bet on people doing stupid sh*t.

Where Did It Happen?

Where did this stroke of genius occur? In the middle of the night, at the Atlantis Resort & Casino in The Bahamas, some dude tempted fate in a shark tank. His tropical fling in Nassau almost proved fatal. There’s a lot better things to do in The Bahamas than be eaten by a shark.
This video was viewed over half a million times on the totalfratmove Instagram page. I guess people on the internet just like laughing at fools doing dumb sh*t and nearly getting themselves killed.
Luckily, that bro didn’t become shark bait.

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