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Check Out The Amazing First Trailer For Season 2 Of ‘Stranger Things’



It feels like we’ve been getting teased about season 2 of Stranger Things for an eternity now, but mercifully, creators Matt and Ross Duffer have finally blessed us with a legitimate trailer. At San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, an official three-minute trailer for Stranger Things hit the World Wide Web, and unsurprisingly, it was all of the fire flame emojis.

Watch the gang get back together in the video below.

Hot damn, that trailer has me jacked up for October 27! I feel like I could take on a million Demogorgons in the Upside Down right now. Soundtracking the footage with that classic Michael Jackson banger was a genius move too. I’m really hoping season 2 ends with those two crazy love birds Mike and Eleven doing a celebratory “Thriller” dance after vanquishing all of their foes.

My only complaint about the trailer was that there was no Barb. I guess having a giant ass slug crawl out of your mouth isn’t good for your health after all. Rest in peace, Barb. You were the greatest wet blanket this world has ever known.

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