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‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Rumors: Plot Details Revealed?



As announced earlier today, Netflix’s Stranger Things will officially return on October 27, 2017. If that wasn’t good enough news, new plot details for season two have emerged and they sound downright awesome.

One year after the events of the first season – which took the TV viewing public by storm – the Upside Down is seemingly bleeding into the town of Hawkins, Indiana, around the time of Halloween 1984. With a little bit of hindsight, people have begun to wonder just what organization was behind this whole mess. Season one’s “Chapter Six: The Monster” briefly mentioned Project MKUltra, but never did much following up. Now it appears as if season two will delve deeper into this shadow organization.

According to UPROXX, season two will position Hawkins, Indiana, as one of the locations of the CIA’s mind-control programs. Straight from the first line of the recently released plot summary: “1953, date unknown – MKUltra comes to Hawkins and begins experimentation.” Interesting, but what is MKUltra’s main focus now and how does it connect to Eleven (and One through Ten, for that matter) and the Upside Down? We need answers.

Quick history lesson: Project MKUltra was the code name given to the CIA’s pursuit of weaponizing mind control through hypnosis, experimental drugs and other methods. This is all true. The U.S. Government officially sanctioned the projects in 1953 and the program is most famous for creating LSD and using it on at-risk subjects such as mental patients, drug addicts and prison inmates without their consent or knowledge. The goal was to produce a mind-controlling substance and/or technique.

The CIA ceased MKUltra operations in 1971, right around the time Eleven would have been born in Stranger Things. As we found out in season one, a former Project MKUltra participant was pregnant during her testing. It’s easy to read between the lines on that one. Will Stranger Things suggest that what these “patients” were seeing while being experimented on were not actually hallucinations but real elements of the Upside Down? It seems like the logical next step to take.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a few more months until season two answers our questions.

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