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John Calipari Joins The Fun, Throws One Down In Drive-By Dunk Challenge


John Calipari’s Twitter

It’s all about the¬†#DriveByDunkChallenge this summer, and for once, this is a viral trend that I can get behind. Throwing down a monstrous slam on a perfect stranger’s basketball hoop is a timeless tradition, and I couldn’t be happier that kids today agree.

Because John Calipari is a recruiting master who knows how to relate to young bucks, he posted a video to his Twitter account last night of him participating in the challenge. Watch the 58-year-old University of Kentucky coach soar through the air to throw one down.

SEND IT IN, JEROME! That was a very solid effort from Calipari, so I’ll give him a 6.3 out of 10 for his challenge performance. That’s also coincidentally the exact length of seconds that his arch rival Rick Pitino lasts during sexual encounters.

Calipari gains points for rolling up with that Kygo and Selena Gomez banger “It Ain’t Me” blaring and for dunking with two hands. But because I’m 99% sure that was his own house, I’ve got to subtract heavily. The last time I checked, giant ass homes with Kentucky basketball hoops lowered to seven feet don’t exactly grow on trees. He even left his basketball behind, which is clear evidence that he was dunking in his own backyard.

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