CNN Analyst Uses Dig At Kentucky Basketball To Explain What's Going On In Syria

As we all know, there is some serious shit going down in Syria. The United States carried out a missile attack on Syria, and it is a very tense and scary time for our country. Viewers who tuned into CNN last night looking for information on the developing situation in Syria were treated to some bonus college basketball humor.
Watch CNN military analyst James “Spider” Marks take a jab at Kentucky basketball to make a point about what’s happening in Syria.

CNN: come for the news, stay for the shots fired at John Calipari! Of all the analogies in the world to make, I cannot believe that Marks decided to go with that one. Talk about an inappropriate time to bitch about the state of college basketball. Missiles are being launched and Marks is worried about 19-year-old kids having the gall to want to be compensated for their talents. Shaking my goddamn head.
Our friends at Busted Coverage found Marks’ CNN bio and they didn’t see any ties between him and Louisville or the SEC. But it does say that the retired Major General “has led many business ventures,” so maybe he’s just looking out for fellow businessman John Higgins.

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