Bitter Kentucky Fans Are Leaving Brutal Reviews On Facebook Page Of Referee's Roofing Company

Over the weekend, the North Carolina Tar Heels beat the Kentucky Wildcats in the Elite Elight 75-73. The game was an instant classic, featuring two huge shots hit in the final seconds by Malik Monk and Luke Maye.

Instead of being gracious in defeat, Kentucky basketball fans did some digging and found out that referee John Higgins has a roofing company. Higgins reffed the Kentucky/North Carolina game, and tons of degenerate Wildcats fans are trying to get back at him by leaving awful reviews on the Facebook page of John Higgins Weatherguard, Inc.
Here’s a sampling of some of the vitriol being thrown Higgins’ way.

What a bunch of cry babies. You lost, get over it. All these Kentucky players will be gone in a couple of months, and that greaseball John Calipari will have your beloved Wildcats reloaded with one-and-dones for next year. Time is a flat circle.
Higgins’ roofing business currently has a 1.8 star rating after 843 reviews. That’s definitely a bummer, but I’m sure he’ll bounce back from all of this butthurt nonsense. Everybody knows that no press is bad press. And plus, the domain name for his company’s website is, so it’s obvious this guy knows a thing or two about the marketing game.

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