Florida (!) Man In The Midst Of A High Speed Chase On The Beach Has Awareness To Stream To Facebook Live

This … this very may well be the Mona Lisa of Florida moments.
From the high-speech beach chase to the accent to the haircut to the integrity of this man’s upholstery … it’s all just so elegantly Florida.
Coming to you from Clearwater Beach is27-year-old Ryan Stiles.
While Stiles was fleeing from police, he recorded himself driving at high speed across the sand of Clearwater Beach, Florida, plowing through chairs and chugging booze. After a nine-minute chase, officers were able to catch up Stiles, bringing to an end the most ‘Florida’ moment in the history of this great nation.
via WREG:

The video shows Stiles tearing across the beach screaming obscenities. At one point he yells “Crash parade, bro!” as he appears to drive over multiple folding chairs. The beach Stiles allegedly drove down is a popular resort destination located along a thin strip of land off of Clearwater, Florida.
“We were extremely fortunate that we didn’t lose any officers, nor did we lose any civilians,” said Clearwater Deputy Police Chief Donald Hall at press conference Thursday. “If you go to the beach at any time it can be very populated.”

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