Florida (!) Cross-Dressing Man Wanted For Leaving Women's Underwear On Stranger's Cars

Florida police are searching for a cross-dressing man who has been leaving pantyhose and women’s underwear on cars across the state.
According to police, the unidentified half naked cross-dressing man has been leaving underwear on vehicles in various parking lots across the state.
The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office released a picture of the unidentified man on their Facebook page. In the photo, the man can be seen wearing orange women’s underwear and a t-shirt as he gets into a black car with no shoes on.
“We need to identify him before this escalates to a more serious situation,” Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said in the Facebook post.
via News 6 Orlando:

“To be so bold in the middle of the day to do something like this. We want to identify this individual so we can reach out to him and make contact,” Steve Brandt, with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, said.
Brandt is looking into the case after an anonymous complaint was filed two days ago. In the complaint, it said the man was tying pantyhose to Houligan’s employee vehicles in the parking lot.
“We don’t know if this is a local person. We don’t know if it’s somebody traveling through town and stops in areas and does this. It did happen over multiple days, so, we think it’s probably somebody in this area,” Brandt said.

Furthermore, the report states that the man has followed Houligan’s employees from the nearby Home Depot parking lot to the back door of the restaurant.
However, despite all this, authorities said the man has yet to break the law, but police still want talk to him to get an understanding of his odd behavior.
“This behavior in and among itself could be many different things,” Brandt said. “We would like to identify this person and talk to them in case this behavior were to escalate into something else.”

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