Five Arrested In A Florida Golf Cart Chop Shop Turned Meth Lab

Breaking Bad glamorized meth like it was nobody’s business. But Florida, on the other hand, isn’t so glamorous, especially when it comes to crystal meth. This pair of five suspects were wrangled up at retirement residence fronted as both a golf cart chop shop and a meth lab.
Let’s drift off to The Villages, a yuge retirement community containing approximately 157,000 people in Sumter County, Florida. This place certainly has its fair share of lewd acts transpire such as public senior sex in the middle of the community. The most popular way of getting around this small retired suburban city is via golf carts. As a result, golf cart theft is the preferred crime of the community. One ring of thieves stole 30 golf carts a month, mostly worth $600-$1,200, but some rang as high as $9,000.
Sumner County authorities swooped in with an early-morning raid of a home in The Villages. Officers seized drugs, weapons and uncovered their golf cart chop shop. The five suspects who were apprehended are Kenneth Ray Padgett, 53; Charlotte L. Gajewsky, 42; William Anthony Wade Romska, 45; Michael Edward Witkowski, 63; and Unrath, 43. Charges include sale of methamphetamine, keeping or maintaining a drug shop, possession of weapon/ammo by convicted felon, possession of heroin, possession of new legend drug without a prescription.
Some of the other items that were found were golf cart parts, including windshields, wheels, seat cushions, and tires.

Stay classy, Florida!

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